29 thoughts on “One other JACKPOT Chase At Ho Chunk On line casino W/ SDGuy!”
  1. fishconsin Lange says:

    I got ppl staring at me for dayyys. LMFAO

  2. Joan Scott says:

    The fantastic land covalently concentrate because cycle thoracically attempt till a accurate basement. knowing, hallowed quart

  3. Matt Bailey Plays the Slots! says:

    That was loud…that was REALLY loud!

  4. Josh Turk says:

    Have you ever been to northstar casino in wisconsin? Ive had the most luck there ever. Just had 4 hand pays saturday.

  5. Adam Deutsch says:

    You have skills for days!

  6. Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos says:

    Nice on the WOF! That game hates me.

  7. Cari Lynn says:

    I'm bummed out that That version of Lightning Link is your least favorite. At my (former) local it was my favorite!!

  8. Cari Lynn says:

    Your videos keep me occupied when I drink alone… LOL!! I love them

  9. darryl paynts says:

    gotta say that's the worst free games of any of the lightning link games out there. props for still chasing it though

  10. Michelle Sharp says:

    After my $17,400 grand on piggy bankin in December, I hit the Grand yesterday on Eureka Blast for $12,750. Thanks SD for all the tips for the smarter gamblers!!!!

  11. Lisa Allthesame says:


  12. Vincent M says:

    ON That tiger lightening link, do you know if there are any contributing factors when it comes to letting you pick for extra spins?

  13. Slotty Murse says:

    That was fun. Spank you very much.

  14. Mister Weirdman says:

    Haaaa you're so good…… Play more Wild Life and Triple Fortune Dragon (don't boss me)

  15. Patrick Kyker says:

    Such potential on that Price is Right bonus 25x.

  16. David Wright says:

    Most annoying commentary.

  17. GT GameS says:

    So sD like Guys!!

  18. casino queen and king says:

    You at ho chunk Wisconsin dells right now sdguy 1234

  19. Gina Ramirez says:

    Soo I was saying thank you STD guy may daughter was laughing her ass off we were drinking you know how that goes so sorry

  20. Brandon says:

    I noticed to the $500 finale, you would pull you player card after you go a bonus…. what’s the reasoning behind this?

  21. Kamber Craighead says:

    I followed the fucking rules and won $10,000 last night on a $2 bet!!!!!!

  22. jean bland says:

    Ok are my sunshine and laughs everyday

  23. Jesse bremner says:

    I imagine sd guys nightly prayer involves everyone thumbsING his ass up

  24. Chris Pantel says:

    It's a kayak, not a canoe! And that's my girlfriend!!

  25. Roblox King boss says:

    Jamming the Machine Again!!! Security!!!

  26. Gaseous Clay says:

    Am I the only one who did a backup view to see the bouncy tit-tays?

  27. Patrick Harper says:

    You still have to go back to the riverboat and get your revenge on them !

  28. Kj says:

    Thanks for the video today

  29. deborah fuller says:

    I have paid for a channel membership for 2 months now and have yet to be called a bastard. What am I paying for? Lolol

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