30 thoughts on “One other Nice Comeback! Eureka Slot Machine BONUSES!”
  1. Randy Saypanya says:

    Great win!

  2. Logan Johnson says:

    Click bait is all that was.

  3. Claire Pierson says:

    good job

  4. graham henry says:

    Love this game! Always have fun playing it!

  5. Lebofilms says:

    If you get 6 dynamites during the bonus, do the nuggets in the middle disappear?

  6. Stephen Beale says:

    I've always enjoyed the eureka slot machine. Thanks for sharing..

  7. Rudy Meunier says:

    Slt bonne chance Sarah

  8. Mike Alexander says:

    Safe travels to you.

  9. Chris Richmond says:

    Happy Easter Sarah .
    Well to break even not bad for how long that machine was giving you nothing was not bad going .

  10. Chin Nan Ong says:

    Great hairdo. And great video. Love you

  11. 1997 Heritage says:

    I just hit a 7,500 hand pay at my local casino last night on "The Mask" slot machine on a 2.00 spin!! First handpay ever and it was a nice one…

  12. Vegas Jay says:

    So you are staying in Vegas?

  13. Frank Hubert says:

    Better with bangs

  14. Scott Denesen says:

    " where's all the dynamites ;Tryna have an expkosion here– slotlady." LOL truly out loud .
    others trying to do what you do I realized how great you really are. Usually quickly hosts onother slot channels within… 'bout 20 minutes begin showing their true colors and suddenly find myself rooting against them as i desperately try to find someone less greedy and degenerate.world of So many greedy scumbags. you are the only one who is a good person, good at what you do ; fun to watch therefore we all love you. You're too sweet and prettiest actually to me the sexiest stare from behind the mask as well haha for real thanks for your content its awesome

  15. daver8521 says:

    Not bad, Sarah. You got some "bang for your buck"!

  16. Darrell Irwin says:

    Well at least there was no loss, all the best

  17. Frank Arias says:

    You are gorgeous!

  18. walter taffs says:

    Happy Eater to you Sarah

  19. Dedy Satya says:


  20. Mizuki x says:

    🙂 Happy Easter. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Best Wishes Take care 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. MaryMary1225 says:

    Happy Easter, safe travels.

  22. John Medina says:

    Did you stop posting table games? Haven't seen one in over a week.

  23. Emc2 says:

    Great Comeback! ?

  24. OSynth18 says:

    Quick question so when I play at my local or online and im betting the minimum I seem to hit a full screen of symbols or a nice little hit in general now would you recommend I max bet or what?

  25. BeastlyMoon 71 says:

    DY-NO-MITE! Great comeback Sarah, only two more day! Wishing you safe travels.

  26. Rockin Rocco says:

    I have a question how do you get your camera to look like FaceTime or use an iPhone or special camera I was just wondering ????

  27. Andres Felipe Gaviria Cataño says:

    you need to buy the bonus of free spins I think is more usefull

  28. Dave Kimmet says:

    Happy Easter Sarah, Great video,,, Whooppie!! Dave in Ohio

  29. prinz10ga says:

    Happy Easter Slot Lady Sarah. As always I enjoy your slot play. So glad you broke even today. I’m hearing you are returning back to your home in Canada. Returning to friends and family is always special. Like everyone else were hoping you will continue to post videos. God Bless and safe travels young lady.

  30. Whitney Smith says:

    Waiting for the table games….. when?

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