1. Stacey Louise says:

    Great content as always, looking forward to seeing this over the next few weeks

  2. Debbie taylor says:

    Well done am proud of us lol glad I chose what I did

  3. Melly 21 says:

    Wuhuu.A new vid 😀

  4. iain maple 206 says:

    Great video Andy. Where can I comment to be in with a chance the get picked for the next round

  5. AFCA M says:

    Cheers mate

  6. Janchuks000 says:

    Nice vid if ir get picked book of dead 1 line . Primal megaways. Legacy of dead 1 line

  7. Stuart max147 Allen says:

    Great video mate and some steady bonuses in there good luck on the next one and looking forward to it. Nice one Andy

  8. Andrew Barton says:

    Good concept fella girl power this time round

  9. Jacinta Shemmell says:

    Hi spinnit sorry not commenting losing sight in 1 eye so hard to type atm
    Gl I'm watchinnow
    Been watchin Bob n azzis to xx

  10. Stephen Pickerill says:

    Great vid, love this concept, really adds to the fun! Looking forward to the next and hope i get picked!!

  11. monkey6868 lomax says:

    Great vid mate

  12. Joshua Dodd says:

    Great video, just wondering how comes parimatch has replaced heyspin?

  13. fairz animations says:

    nice job and go on debbie shell be getting em out for the hubby later with that result .sorry debbie i dont no whats wrong with me .

  14. IRokUSuk says:

    Good video mate, I like this new format. Thought it might be cool if you could also maybe offer a little extra prize for the player who gets the highest X win across the whole tournament. What do you think?

  15. Alan Jennings says:

    Love this mate, you are pumping out some great content keep up the good work.

  16. Mark Abbott says:

    Thanks for the pick, sorry it didn’t work out for you. Poxy bonus! Great format though, good luck!

  17. Michael Davies says:

    Oh another davies got my spot

  18. Harvey Baldwin says:

    i'm so pleased i actually made the final and pleased i made a profit on my 3 games for you, cheers and thanks a lot again

  19. Stevie T says:

    When introducing a new casino could you tell us the min/max stake pls?

  20. Robin Froud says:

    Hope it's hand rubbing time mate 🙂

  21. D V says:

    what happens if none of the 2 get a bonus in 200 spins mate?

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