22 thoughts on “Over 150x ✦HANDPAY JACKPOT✦ On Huff N Puff Slot Machine | Slot Machine JACKPOT | SE-10 | EP-22”
  1. Cynthia Addison says:

    Good job NG!

  2. bojolilo says:

    Hey Ng very Nice as always.. so i guess u were born in 1988. Hihiii

  3. Gina Sehwail says:

    So glad you are changing your strategy. You will win more with lower bets! Good luck NG!

  4. Stacey Williams says:

    M glad your not betting high no more it was to painful to watch u lose all the time

  5. Damon Durham says:

    Nice kick on 11.25!

  6. create account says:

    I like your new way of getting. Who needs to bet a hundred bucks when you can win like this. Good for you my friend. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  7. jojo z says:

    10.00 isnt a low bet really anyway but for now always good seeing you keep getting ahead when you've played so far! the bigger bets will loosen up soon very enjoyable #NGSLOT!

  8. Ken Riches says:

    Thx for the vid

  9. Mark Benfield says:

    Great job NG.

  10. Saitama OPM says:

    Unsubscribing ur page. Only watched because of the high bets because it's rare to see but now ur betting what ppl see all the time. I'm sure us viewers like to watch the thrill but there's no thrill watching small bets. Sure they're a lot of other YouTubers betting $10 but was only u, lady luck and MG with the big bets for us viewers to watch. Hopefully u go back to ur high bets which gained u a lot of subscribers.

  11. Lorraine Ferraro says:

    What fun, thank you

  12. Gary Spaid says:

    Great win

  13. Art Pili says:

    Good job NG, nice win. Have a safe drive to Vegas. I hope you two make Cosmo go bankrupt, hahahaha. Good luck and much good fortune to you my friend.

  14. HUFF N PUFF says:

    Good job Huff N Puff / Good job NG!!!

  15. alex s says:

    I LIKE 7.50 BETS win at Harrahs

  16. SUE says:

    You don't need to bet big in order to win big.
    I won 15,000 on $1.00 bet… Lol

  17. In The Game says:

    Great job Narek persistent sniper getting percentages again, great video!

  18. SUE says:

    Very nice. NG !!!!

  19. Yvette Hernandez says:

    You wizened up…winner again!!!! it's more entertaining to watch you win at a lower bet than to watch you lose at a higher bet.

  20. Thanos says:

    Ng the best tuber and in singer 2021

  21. Lucky Link Slots says:

    That was the happiest and most relaxed fun session in a long time – buddy if you keep on with these nice moderate bets – you might actually need to pay tax on your gambling Income this year 🙂 good problem to have

  22. Andrea Timmers says:

    NG you are killin it!!!!!

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