14 thoughts on “Over 160x ✦HANDPAY JACKPOT✦ On Lightning Hyperlink Slot Machine | Slot Machine JACKPOT | SE-10 | EP-21”
  1. NG Slot says:

    $12,000 Premiere Stream At 5PM: https://youtu.be/KWSMrQVcCAY

  2. Art Pili says:

    Well done NG. Amount of you bet doesn't matter, we will still watch. Thanks for sharing buddy.

  3. Kok teong Gan says:

    Switch to another casino for a change of fortune. Thumb up for good luck and good fortune.

  4. Lana Waked says:

    And that's why you should stick to the links and forget those other ones lol nice comeback ❤️

  5. Linda Chinn says:

    You are sure doing better with moderate bets! Good job NG

  6. WishfulThinking Bonnie says:

    Good one

  7. Julie Stock says:

    Ten dollar bets are the magic number. Machines are afraid of higher bets. Nice win NG!!

  8. jsegura525 says:


  9. Andy Garcia says:

    How many days u go to Las Vegas
    U win or lose this trip

  10. Yaboyjo3 says:

    Asvats ta million chahes axper jan

  11. create account says:

    Play smarter not harder.

  12. Mayra Viader says:

    that is right low bet is better the hit bet!!! pay better and more faster!!!!

  13. Ken Riches says:

    Fun to watch , thx for the vid .

  14. D Coughlan says:

    JUST HOLD ON MAN! Massive pay out coming your way soon NG !! And I can't wait to see you steam it !!!

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