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  1. Rodolfo Vitangcol says:

    Million Dollar Potential in Ruvol

    I have invented a Board Game [still unpublished and not yet out in the market] that is guaranteed to be far more challenging and exciting than CHESS. I called it “RUVOL.”

    Over time, Ruvol will surpass chess as the “Number One Board Game in the World.”

    Why am I so sure about this? Because I am an avid chess player myself. The weakness of chess is it always starts in fixed positions that the opening moves become “memorizable.” In fact, not a few have so mastered the moves that they can play against their opponents “blindfolded.” It’s for this reason I invented Ruvol where every game is always challenging and exciting to play.


    Ruvol is played somewhat like chess. I purposely invented Ruvol to give chess a direct “apple-to-apple” competition.

    Like chess, Ruvol is played by two players. It uses a board that is rectangular in shape but containing more number of squares than chess. Like chess, it has equal number of pieces on each side of the board, where each type of piece moves in distinct ways. However, if the way to win chess is to checkmate the opponent’s king, the way to win Ruvol is to be able to cross a designated line.

    But there’s one biggest advantage Ruvol has over chess that makes Ruvol a very challenging game to play. What is this? Unlike chess, the Ruvol pieces are randomly placed at the start of every game which makes it impossible for any clever player to memorize the moves. Fischer Random Chess, also known as Chess960, likewise introduced a random set up, but with many exceptions. Ruvol is 100% random.

    At present, there is no other board game in the world within the same category of chess “where chess players can switch to.” Chess is totally a monopoly in its class. Chess players can now have an alternative in Ruvol.


    In my Google search, I learned there are around 800 million chess players in the world. These 800 million players comprise the “Total Potential Buyers” of Ruvol across the globe. At an average profit of just US$3 per set, the “Global Income Potential” of Ruvol then is US$2.4 billion. Assuming only 1% of it will buy each year, the annual global potential sale of Ruvol is US$24M.


    For the reason that I don’t have the resources to publish Ruvol on a global scale, I find it “wiser” to simply sell my copyright.

    If you’re interested to buy my copyright, email me your BEST PRICE OFFER. My email address is: [email protected]gmail.com.

    Thanks and God bless!

    The Ruvol Inventor

    Early bird catches the worm!

  2. Hm Comps says:

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  3. Norcal06Warrior 916 says:

    "Never bet the bonus"…. Yeah fkn right! That's just stupid

  4. URCHIN SAM says:

    i want tiles not cards

  5. Margarita SyM says:

    Always play the bonus!

  6. Bigga Winna Crapsa says:

    00:42 – every hand I ever get when the big bucks are out there. Go figure, RFID/Shufflemaster

  7. JT Saiyan says:

    Jokers can be played?

  8. krazziejrboi says:

    Straight forward i like it

  9. Dengster 888 says:

    “Never bet the bonus…”. Then you might as well not play since you are disadvantaged anyway in any casino games.

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