21 thoughts on “Paris Resort On line casino Reopens in Las Vegas Stroll-Through Stay!”
  1. Life in Las Vegas says:

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  2. Okorie Chinemeremogo .s. says:

    Klaxonstools is s blessing to humanity. I just received the money they promised me

  3. Samantha White says:

    Lol lol she said my thighs are already tired , lol lol, I tell folks all the time Vegas is about walking wear walking sneakers only lol so is NOLA those places are walking places. I laugh every time I here a woman crying about her feet, legs, ankles, etc. nobody warns them.

  4. Samantha White says:

    I stayed in Bally’s a few times, but I did eat at that restaurant Villagers, it wasn’t my cup of tea, so nah I didn’t go back there, But I did go to a lounge area club thing in Paris I had so much much, there was this Asian or Hawaiian looking Lady DJ she was NIIIICE, the music was sooo good, I was alone and I made friends that night, I looooooove to dance and Sis was playing 80’s, 90’s, she was on it, I had a whole female soccer team come sit with me, they couldn’t believe my age, lol and I was dancing by myself and this drunk Hispanic man came to dance with me he wouldn’t take a no so security ask me was I ok, then these white females came and ask me to dance, the lady grab my hand and escorted me to the dance floor, I assume they (2 of them) saw me dancing and wanted me to dance with them, it’s funny I’m 55 now this was about 6-7 years ago, yep that’s really me in the picture, no matter where I go folks wanna dance with me, I dance to everything, I loooove to dance.

  5. Ramona Jones says:

    I plan to go to vegas soon

  6. John Jones says:

    So Cool! Thanks for posting this. Brings back a lot of memories. I was there in 2002 or 3 and 2004 for the Moody Blues. So much of this I remember. Loved Le Centrale Bar, too. Very fond memories.

  7. Johnny Keane says:

    Great vlog of the Paris reopening / do you know when the Cromwell will reopen ?

  8. Doris Babcock says:

    No I typed it wrong you were great

  9. Marcuz says:

    The Paris resort sells the best freshest biggest onions rings if you get room service best on the strip! Just saying lol

  10. Doris Babcock says:


  11. Doris Babcock says:

    Mon ami Babi is the best

  12. Doris Babcock says:

    Sports must be reruns

  13. yulianachavez says:

    did they check your temp before entering Paris casino

  14. Eduard Collado says:

    Good Job buddy! Thanks

  15. bessamemucho says:

    I was at Gordon Ramsey Steak Theater in February. It was good but steak was too big, like shoe size 12. I had much better experience at Burger King.

  16. Gentry Thompson says:

    Westgate November

  17. Gentry Thompson says:

    That is good they can get that very strong smoke smell out of Bally's

  18. Peter Kim says:

    Can’t wait to be back at caesars in August

  19. mindy manues says:

    I'm excited to stay at Paris in September!

  20. yoloduran duran says:

    This makes me happy

  21. Hollywood210 says:

    Tks for the tour

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