17 thoughts on “Patrik Antonius: Prime three Greatest POTS ♠️ Greatest Poker Moments ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Nicholas Bozec says:

    Patrick's face reminds me of the Russian in rocky I must break you

  2. Russel Salvador says:

    I didn't know Pat played with Lo lmao

  3. QT8270 says:


  4. flyawaytodie says:

    Love watching this guy play.


    Patrik is one of the best in all the world, his poker face is just awesome, he seems like don't have any emotion on his face so it's so hard to read him, definitely he's awesome, he also has the biggest only pot online against isildur1.

  6. JCW 895 says:

    doug’s play is so above the rim

  7. PrimeLeBron says:

    Vanessa Selbst is constantly losing in these videos, we to love see it.

  8. Scott Lauren says:

    Doug Polk raises that much with 2 pair? He deserves to lose. Idiot.

  9. jh7468 says:

    "What do you have a taste for tonight?"

    "How about some asparagus?"

  10. Jules Kluschê says:

    This German just casually eating in the background

  11. A D says:

    I hate Doug Polk and I don’t know why

  12. Robert Howard says:

    Nice but investing in crypto is the only big chance of making money.

  13. timtrfny timtrfny says:

    On that last hand, just Vanessa being Vanessa..

  14. Andrew says:

    Doug polk in the third hand doing what Doug polk does: blasting off with blockers!

  15. Aso Angami says:

    Pat is definitely in my top 5 poker pros of all time. Something about this Finish bald bastard man. Prime Pat will make any table he wanted. Simply ice cold, at all times.

  16. Aditya Agarwal says:

    Can someone tell me where can i find this outro music? Its just so amazing

  17. H TV says:

    Im a fan of poker, im from philippines im always watched your videos.❣️

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