14 thoughts on “PATRIOT Jackpots Slot Machine Max Wager @ Barona Resort & On line casino 赤富士スロット”
  1. Robert Valdes says:

    Wtf did I just come across… Youtube come on… Stop disappointing viewers

  2. SpiceyHot100 says:

    I like watching yours over everybody else's on the internet. You actually let people enjoy the game, instead of all that talking.Thank you.

  3. Slot Mania says:

    Nice little profit, better than a big loss!!

  4. TBull Cajunbreadmaker says:

    That has to be one of the worst paying machines I have ever seen. Talk about a no pay SOB.

  5. Thomas Kwok says:

    This game is really under pay !

  6. Renee Syriac says:

    That machine has terrible payouts.

  7. Lora Turjanica says:

    Love to watch you play. Did you like this machine?

  8. Jason Longoria says:

    U play at Jamul? Or just Barona? Akafuji

  9. adamina70 says:

    This slot is certainly a low-pay slot.

  10. Benjamin Noisiez says:

    Where do you play ?

  11. Nikerocker23 says:

    This machine sucks lol

  12. Enrique Torres says:

    Fack machine don't pay emitting $$

  13. GL Slots says:

    Great to start the morning with a video from Akafugi . I’m patiently waiting for the weekend to play again 🙂 woooo.
    Patriot Jackpots

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