29 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: 7 JACKPOT CASINO ITEMS (and Unlawful Dishonest Gadgets) | Historical past”
  1. Pawn Stars says:

    Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at https://history.com/schedule

  2. Ozzy says:

    26:36 Chum before drugs
    26:38 Chum after drugs

  3. S-B says:

    The first woman, they should have said 400 and stuck, she would have taken it

  4. rahul bansal says:

    Rebeca got old

  5. Joseph Villafranca says:

    The first sale went well she didn't have to do much for something she got for free

  6. Sandeep .Chakraborty says:

    Big Turtle and small turtle. Professional LOWBALLERS!!

  7. Vatsal says:

    Has anyone ever said, ' No I am not gonna wait for the expert '.

  8. Huginn NZ says:

    24:30 I take her out for dinner anytime….

  9. JR TV VLOG says:


  10. Crooked Man says:

    LMAO i love that gamble rick took and lost!

  11. bangster186 says:

    Murray has been working out.

  12. Noor Hasan says:

    Hummm Nicely done deals

  13. James Dombroski says:

    Guy with glasses cardbook. What dushbag

  14. lowride25 says:

    Awesome thanks for the post love it….I am still waiting for someone to post the J.D. Borthwick gambling kit. That kit was my favorite one.

  15. Adam Valenzuela says:

    Retail. Thats a new one.

  16. dolfanchambers84 says:

    For those who might be interested…
    The Las Vegas Club closed pretty recently. The new “Circa Resort & Casino” opened in its old location in late 2020.

  17. Pupi Nene says:

    They low ball to much

  18. NEEDCheese says:

    I'll give him a call.. he's right outside.. collecting his check.

  19. MAC reacts says:

    Rebecca simps here

  20. Dave Torre says:

    im so happy i might crack a smile today
    -Old Man

  21. genesis vega says:

    Is it just me or did that lady (the first clip) tell 2 different stories about how she got the poker cheating device?

  22. Lucid Dreamer says:

    Be careful, everyone. This is not an official channel of the Pawn Stars show. The person who has this channel is a scammer. The person is replying to some of the comments with a link that leads to a scam.

  23. Danielle O'Hallisey says:

    Rebecca, you saucy minx…

  24. Jeremy Van Allen says:

    I love rebeca

  25. pavy415 says:

    Rebecca forever they love of my life

  26. Demon Slayer says:

    Rebecca is soooooooo beautiful my LORD

  27. Wes U says:

    For some reason I strongly dislike that first chick

  28. Andoy Doy says:

    Jesus Loves all of you <3

  29. bob wallace says:

    $1375, looked Chum in the eye, shut up and stuck out his hand. The classic close used in all business deals since Fred Flintstone bought his first car.

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