44 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth REALLY HATES Pocket Kings ♠️ Better of The Large Recreation ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. PokerStars says:

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  2. Alex Xander says:

    Watching Phil lose 3 out of 4 with his slow roll was the nuts.

  3. Hawk says:

    I love when Phil loses

  4. 707 SaV says:

    Phil playing that hollywood bullshit VS Wiggins was shit but then again Karma is a bitch.. "Revenge is a dish best served Ice cold

  5. Cybalanced says:

    Well, great laydowns by Phil

  6. Robert Newman III says:

    That last one is so brutal lol

  7. Jky 852 says:

    Reality of poker. And GTO is just something to make you feel better

  8. James says:

    The look on phil's face when that spade drops is so priceless

  9. Eric Z says:

    Why is everyone so happy lmao

  10. rusco peeko says:

    I hope everyone can see what a legend Phil is and that most ppl at the table are out of line and showing poor etiquette against him. Doyle showing real class as per usual and everyone else carrying on children in a school yard.

  11. KeineAngstvorMathe PRO! says:

    Bad play From Phil!

  12. Bobby White says:

    KIIING!! DAS WAT IM TALKIN BOUT!!! love that hand everytime

  13. Seadog95 says:

    Tony G is such a troll and I love it

  14. borntobeking85 says:

    I play WSOP and i lose 95% of the time when i have the best hand on the flop. I feel like somebody is controlling the game online. It's ridiculous.

  15. FT 343 says:

    2:50 Negreanu called out kings full

  16. Wesley Verity says:

    I live for when Phil gets sucked out on

  17. Eric Baker says:

    When life is hard….. I watch Phil lose always makes me smile

  18. Jake Fisher says:

    Low key Phil deserved that one for offering to run it 4 times

  19. Math Guru says:

    Crushed or bluffing….Every hand

  20. QT8270 says:


  21. GOT EM says:

    Phil is puking right now hahah

  22. Jimbo Jones says:

    amazing video

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  24. Rambo, John J. says:


  25. deathwingdt says:

    I mean, sure its fun as hell to watch Phil lose 3/4 times against Wiggins, but man, this got to be one of the sickest beats in poker history

  26. yiliang low says:

    brutal but good , phil's decisions

  27. Jen Bklyn17 says:

    Daniel is the absolute worst

  28. J. S. Roman says:

    How is Phil gunna tell someone they been "out of line"? Lol.

  29. Ryan Thurston says:

    Watching the Wiggins run out is just painful. Was the worst loose cannon I’ve seen.

  30. Dante ValentineZ says:

    Ive never seen Hellmuth win a hand on youtube.

  31. Charles Sparks says:

    nice, thanks

  32. Dave Lee says:

    Pure pokerstars in action

  33. Patrick Clay says:

    The cannon getting played so hard and lucking our is golden

  34. Trevor C says:

    This commentary hahahaha

    "Phil's now drawing dead to a person pulling the fire alarm"

    "Mercier beaucoup"

  35. Lorenzo Morelli says:

    I love Daniel but there's no denying he's a d*ck with a nice guy attitude.

  36. poker bruh says:

    Why is the QQ such a hard fold? And he looks disgusted on the turn, he knows other people can see him right?!

  37. Michael says:

    That was a great fold on the 3rd hand.

  38. Jenske Dnb says:

    Props to Phil for running it once knowing he was crushed

  39. L says:

    Everyone making fun of Phil but at the same time, that was sick and he should have won 3 out of them. About 85% of you people here on YT don't even play poker. Or you play Zynga bullshit play money poker. Either way. None of you would last 15 minutes with Phil on a table.

  40. Well*Thy*One says:

    Ok that last one is truly epic

  41. Anderson Reyes says:

    I hate DNegs behavior, that's why I love watching him being destroyed by the Poker Brat in HU high stakes feud

  42. john savrose says:

    LOL thats what hellmuth gets for offering to run it 4 times. Run it once always

  43. Shykes 91 says:

    “ you lyinbe kidding me”

  44. VoodooChild2000 says:

    Daniel is such a troll LOL, I love it!

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