29 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth Wins 1989 World Collection of Poker Essential Occasion”
  1. PokerGO says:

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  2. Ravishing Beast says:

    Years later Hellmuth gave Dwan hell for playing TT for stacks preflop. Go figure.

  3. David Bielby says:

    Chan wins if any card higher than a 9 except a king. If a ten comes he has 10 10 K K A, which beats phils 99?

  4. doug peters says:

    The only video on YouTube where Phil wins a hand

  5. your mom says:

    2:43 so the commentator does not know that a T also wins it for Chan since it counterfeits 99

  6. Facepalm Jesus says:


    since when Hellmuth was an ''aggressive'' player? 😀

  7. Free Hat says:

    lolololol a disheartened Oriental express… can that be said today? LoL

  8. berk arslan says:

    Great. Now maybe you can do a documentary on how became a little bitch

  9. Shine On says:

    Imagine if a queen hit the river

  10. Steve Y says:

    You will never see another player reach the final 2 in 3 straight years. Johnny Chan is a living legend.

  11. Joey Dunlop says:

    4:05. Who is the "oriental express" ? Lol. Chan is the "orient express". Geezus.

  12. Jesse Okonczak says:

    Lol tilt call

  13. LEFTaTIP says:

    No doubt Phil Hellmuth deserves props for his longevity and winning WSOP bracelets but the WSOP created a monster. Since this Main Event Championship, Hellmuth's head grew twice as big, his tantrums, insults and berating players have reached 30+ yrs and Hellmuth's ego is the size of the Grand Canyon. At least he won once on YouTube.

  14. aaa aaa says:


  15. Monster Stack Wizard says:

    One has to wonder if he has berated opponents for calling with 54 off when he was just starting way before anyone even mentioned his name.

  16. Travis Maruster says:

    I wonder what Hellmuth was listening to on his cassette player. lol

  17. noopa 05 says:

    I reakon phil would be a really nice guy

  18. Canby Ibarra says:

    Ah hell, let's just answer the questions.

    1) The coverage was live, and the play by play / interviewer is long time broadcaster Chris Marlowe. Marlowe isn't a poker commentator, he's a jack of all trades, but mostly basketball and volleyball guy on an assignment. But hey, given 30 years of hindsight I'm sure you too can call the cards accurately on national television, right?

    2) Bob Stupak gave Johnny Chan the 'Orient Express' nickname in 1982 after winning one of his big tournaments.

  19. Onyx The Dog says:

    Phil sounds the exact same

  20. The Devils Milk says:

    2:43 if a king comes doesn’t Phil have a full house. I don’t get that statement.

  21. The Devils Milk says:

    I still don’t think people respect Johnny Chan as much as we should. The Goat.

  22. Hyperhidrosis says:

    It’s crazy that Chan had 15 outs and didn’t hit one, to become a 3peater!!!

  23. gggggggg says:

    Somehow he gets called a "legend"…….. acts more like a bell end.
    How many players did he beat in that tournament 177, and how many enters now???? thousands

  24. Holdyour Plums says:

    Helmuth makes a 40,000 opening bet at the WSOP ME final table……..
    In 2019….the heads up blinds, were 2m/4m……. Staggering difference. 🙂

  25. J M says:

    The Walkman is a nice touch

  26. Enrique says:

    he had such a beautiful smyle, where did it go? LOL never seen it again.

  27. Fastfunpoker Jamie says:

    Hellmuth was right he’s slightly greater than a 2:1 favorite. Johnny was wrong when he said he was only a 3:2 dog.

  28. Dmitri Tchoulanov says:

    Legendary Phil

  29. George Bush says:

    Who calls with A7 lol

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