40 thoughts on “Phil Ivey Excessive Stakes Poker Greatest Moments!”
  1. PokerGO says:

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  2. Travis Maruster says:

    Best moments? I'm confused here. Yeah folding best hands are his best moments….

  3. Peleg Bar says:

    Title is very mistaken… I really looked forward to see Ivey call booth with those kings and then he threw them away… Disappointment lol

  4. Marvin Nash says:

    To everyone complaining about the title: These are the best moments on HSP featuring Ivey, not where he played best. So hard to understand? Just enjoy these classic hands.

  5. aaron lee says:

    The tittle
    Of this video makes no sense whatsoever he’s folding the best hand to bluffs, should be titled “when Phil Ivey gets bluffed”

  6. SNIFF DADDY says:

    I really hope Brad Booth gets on top of the poker game again …Best of Luck to him

  7. rad iohead says:

    calling tom dwans bluff would have changed everything about everything

  8. Tyrone Sinclair says:

    made the greatest repeat himself and gulp, dwan is a beast.

  9. HCyrus744 says:

    How are these Ivey's best moments when he's constantly folding….

  10. X Kobe says:

    We need Eli Elezra and Sammy Farha back in HSP

  11. X Kobe says:

    How is the first hand an Ivey moment?

  12. Grimey 420 says:

    How is this Phil's best moments when hes folding winners at least make the title make sense.

  13. LawFox87 says:

    What is the commentator's name?

  14. Gary J Dixon says:

    That's why Ivey is the GOAT! If the cards hit him on the HEAD ON THE FLOP in WSOP Championship next year , this BEAST , MR PHIL is comparable to a commercial demolition crew excavating outdated buildings ! He's on a serious mission away from play with lawsuits being History ! Danger to the high cash play in the poker world ! Doc Holliday couldn't fade PHIL IVEY FOR REAL !

  15. big daddy coool says:

    Eli had some really great lines…I hear he is selling pencils in the lobby of the Bellagio…

  16. baz stanz says:

    how is this his best moments lol

  17. Alex King says:

    How are these his best moments!? I’ve seen a hundred plays of his better than these

  18. TheGillenium says:

    Ivey should have shoved on the flop against Dwan.

  19. Sebastian Apolo says:

    interestingly enough the solver folds Ad6d against that bet of Dwan, maybe because the hand blocks the missed flush draws

  20. Mark R says:

    Phil is the GOAT. And if he'd have called Dwan on the river, people would bow down to him in casinos.

  21. Jesse Simoneau says:

    The bluff on the last hand was pretty sick, noone can call with K/J off suit, unless there sic AF!!

  22. the book worm says:

    Benyamine needs to stfu in the first hand

  23. B. Man says:

    I like how the guys shove all in on ivey and hope to be able to run it more than once , tough luck !

  24. Stacking Benjies says:

    Pretty surprised Ivey didn't call vs Booth. His hand looks so much like AdQd or 9d8d. Obviously not in great shape vs the latter, but still. Feels like they might have history where Booth has shoved a flopped set exactly cause it looks like a draw shove. Guess we'll never know why he folded.

  25. Pokershark says:

    That's why Mr. Ivey is the GOAT!!

  26. Kingsley Agassi says:

    22:42 how Ivey flashes Barry his cards and that quick look

  27. Ed G says:

    Ivey is the Tupac of poker world! Imo

  28. mich2020 says:

    If Ivey had made that call against durrr, it would have been a never ever topped moment in poker history 😀 the bluf is great as well but still …

  29. Mike says:

    We need FRESH phil ivy content, where can I see him play in the newer tournaments?

  30. GTRandy says:

    I wish he called that Dwan bluff

  31. billy brien says:

    Clearly I see Daniel Negreanu eating a sandwich in this video playing all loosy goosy Lol

  32. zizoumonk10 says:

    Y’all need to rename or re-edit this video

  33. Mr. Heisenberg says:

    You could legit charge people just to watch a high stakes heads up pot between Ivey & Durrr!!

  34. egobrain says:

    Best moments are folding hands? What were you thinking?

  35. Cosmo Kramer says:

    Definitely not best moments, just hands with Ivey that are already on their channel. Pokergo isn’t about giving more free content

  36. Gustavo Fring says:

    I still think Ivey would’ve called if there wasn’t anybody around laughing and making him feel uncomfortable taking a little more time

  37. Niko Garcia says:

    Phil Ivey's best moments. Folds 2 times to bluffs. That makes a lot of sense, PokerGo

  38. harvey orbeta says:

    They cut off the clip before Lex says, " All these good spots are coming up"

    Then Gabe Kaplan says, "It's never a good spot when you're up against a superpower."

  39. Dorian Gray says:

    This is garbage. Lower than clickbait. Nothing “best” about this trash compilation. This channel deleted from ever returning to my recommended.

  40. Aldrich Jasareno says:

    Antonio "I love you guys" Esfandiari

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