45 thoughts on “Phil Ivey 's ROAD TO VICTORY! – 2020 MILLIONS Sochi SHR $50okay SD Occasion #7”
  1. Hansdamf says:

    why not speak german ?

  2. MrStobie8 says:

    Hey, have you thought about calling it Polker Hands?

  3. mimesisape says:

    6:42 what are the outs for Soyza to get 14& ?

  4. PRx_SWaG_ says:

    how did ivey win that K7 of hearts hand

  5. North says:

    Can someone please tell me how Phil wins with a straight when all he has is 6-7-8-9 at 44:01 ????? Soyza had two pair and Phil didn’t have anything other than king high. Am I missing a rule here for short deck her??? Like wtf

  6. jc jones says:

    More Ivy plz

  7. jhon leon says:

    Min 42:44 wtf!!! is call no fold ni raise CALLLLLLLL DONK LOLLLLL ;')

  8. moh Odeh says:

    AQ VS QQ is a flip ? Lol

  9. Hát Karaoke says:

    The hand call he don’t call the hand bet he don’t bet kkkkkkkkk he don’t how to play

  10. Hát Karaoke says:

    Soyza stupid play

  11. Hát Karaoke says:

    Soyza he don’t know how to play poker 2 fair 8 & 6 don’t call kkk he call fair 9 only stupid guy

  12. Christopher Santrizos says:

    I love how when Phil out flops his opponent from being behind he still has a steady and calm demeanor. Cool as a cucumber.

  13. Tommy Aryadi z pisa says:


  14. E Sn says:

    The odds on the last hand aren't right at all. Preflop OK, but Ivey is 45% on the flop, and on the turn he's 27% because he also has 2-5 of hearts. (c/o Holdem Lab)

  15. two llegit says:


    (winning player)

    i cannot stand the bad beats and suck outs on ignition. BY FAR MY LEAST FAVORITE SITE.




  16. Nicolas Avila says:

    44:30 can someone explain how he rivers the straight with the Ace? there's no Q or 10 on the board

  17. Fredd Bricks says:

    42:17 why did he fold?

  18. Dobbie Potter says:

    I feel Ivey is kinda luckbox

  19. isl911 says:

    42:55 why Ivey lays down 3 kings for cheap???

  20. thenewandrei4o94 says:

    at 7:00 the on-screen % say Soyza has 14% of winning. I can't think of a single card that helps him. Am I dumb?

  21. Dylan Belven says:

    Hahaha in the start hellmuth on his rant again I saw that one vs daniel Lnfao

  22. Paul Jacobi says:

    Why the hell they Never get a three or two like i do Every Time i play a bit

  23. TheDannyAdventures says:

    i think the blonde dealer is hotter.

  24. Dan K says:

    44:20 why is that a straight for Phil?

  25. rojeezee says:

    God that one dealer had amazing hair

  26. dog rubi says:

    patek philippe 5980r-001

  27. Ryant Roberts says:

    Good luck reading phil's body language unless your kid poker

  28. tyrone loki says:

    6:54 someone please explain to me how soyza has 14% chance of winning. isnt he drawing dead?
    and 44:41 wtf are these percentages

  29. 陳小雲 says:

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  30. ariza Fernando says:

    card setting

  31. Bob Salamone says:

    Add more poker

  32. Jean Fourcade says:

    Pro poker must be real taxing. At 43 Phil looks 15 years older. Or is it Black Jack?

  33. Ben Lin says:

    How did Soyza get to final table? He is soooooo bad…

  34. Victor L says:

    he‘s still the king of poker

  35. Melvin Talagtag says:

    44:03 KA(100%??) to 2pairs(0%)??

  36. Kevin Kit says:

    pls come to malaysia

  37. Sandika SaputrSaputra says:

    Di akhir kayak jadi tolol semua

  38. L P says:

    48:15 the 7c and 7d dont help em at all or what are they playing here

  39. Justin Slogar says:

    6:54 how does soyza have 14% equity if he’s drawing dead?

  40. Qualquer Nome says:


  41. Papyrus says:

    Phil Ivey smiling 15:13

  42. Omar JG says:

    another day in the office for Ivey… he didn't even smile after winning a big tournament.

  43. Mateusz says:

    In game at 43:10 after Ace on the River it show 100% WIN for Ivey when Soyza has got two pairs. Straight can be only of 5-cards in order, but he's got only eventually 6-7-8-9, so why by the system he won that 100%? I don't get, can somebody explain that, please.
    Very simillar situation at the last game, exactly at time 48:15 after 9 on the turn System show 10out for Ivey to win include one of three 7's. Why? 7 will give Soyza second pair! What's going on here?!

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