18 thoughts on “Phil Ivey Wins $2,000,000 at Poker Excessive Stakes $250Ok Purchase In”
  1. Jaat Mhakall says:

    Antonius has mastered expression more than poker

  2. Dark Thought says:

    2 million in chips is equal to dollars?

  3. Юрий Ф says:

    Как стать миллионером? Терпение, ум и немного удачи)

  4. Ip Man says:

    Title should be "Patrick Antonious vs Phil Ivey"

  5. D T says:

    next time turn your voice over a bit lower and the players higher

  6. QT8270 says:


  7. Chris L says:

    Patrick actually had a double gutter on the first flop.

  8. Nctennnuha Jmrjmbucfk says:


  9. Paul Thompson says:

    What's droring?

  10. Chris Peaks says:

    What's with the Tarantino zoom on the flop lol

  11. QT8270 says:


  12. Lindsey Mcgeefr4 says:

    The guarded ukrainian effectively chase because chill parenthetically inject over a gifted literature. bright, silent end

  13. Le Fion De Louane Bordel says:

    It s not a cash game idiots

  14. Luka Niksic says:

    He won 2 million and has face like he won 20 dollars

  15. Media Buster says:

    What idiot would give away the ending in the title?

  16. Ivoprofen says:

    "it is F…uuuuuuck" 😀

  17. Sean Murphy says:

    that guy looks like a bald Jeffery Epstein

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