33 thoughts on “Phil Ivey's EPIC poker READS ♠️ Better of Shark Cage ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Kashief Wynter says:

    Vanessa sucks

  2. Haotian Shen says:

    Grow hair, Not hate…. And please help African…

  3. Jay-Jay Galeon says:

    now i know what they look like LMAO

  4. Quang Như says:

    Nuoc nay cuc nguy hiem
    Phai duoi ngay
    Neu de lat con nua, bai ban se bi dong
    Va phai theo
    Nuoc nay phai duoi de doi phuong chay

  5. Quang Như says:

    100% chay

  6. HeyIt'sOJ says:

    "A, 2, D, 4."
    -Joe Stapleton listing reasons, 2015

  7. AAJ30 says:

    damn that pocket aces are sick

  8. Clap Forboobies says:

    Maria looked so much better before she showed all that plastic in her face

  9. Scott Larrabee says:

    Vanessa is so fucking good lol say what you want guys she is tough as nails

  10. ฝuzard says:

    I didn't know Jennifer Shahade was playing poker, awesome

  11. Tim Prex says:

    I knew he had A-A or at least 8 because he was slowing down play all the time and then at the river he bet very big.

  12. Alexandru C. says:

    Vanessa: Not the turn I wanted to see
    Phil: Three sevens?

    I mean for real, can he see through cards?

  13. Media Buster says:

    "Phil Ivey SHOWS why he is still the BEST" by showing hands Daniel won… FACE PALM!

  14. robert kedziora says:

    yeah SHOWS why he is still the BEST ..this is as old as my computer

  15. L G says:

    Goat commentators

  16. Dakota Grown says:

    She looks like every gym teacher I had growing up with the same smug look on here face

  17. J From says:

    The min hes 3 7s is just sick

  18. jkpttr says:

    Honestly the first hand is more of a showcase of Vanessa being skilled than Phil lmao, yeah she could’ve raised but the lay down was quality

  19. VMsiDolanescu1 says:

    He is the best poker player of humans, but Daniel is GOD.

  20. DWART FARQUARG says:


  21. Freedom Isnotfree says:

    first hand was a joke vanessa is the worst player ever

  22. Derek McKenzie says:

    "You call this, it's all over Baby!!"

  23. mpgxsvcd says:

    Isn’t waving the chips like that considered and Angle shoot?

  24. DJ Jordan says:

    Joe proves against he's the most annoying commentator to listen to.

  25. JrbTV says:

    10:21 proof that phil ivey is one of the best reader in poker.

  26. chris mcdirty says:

    The guy said 1st off… 2nd off n then said “D” as if he was illustrating his points using letters. I’m on to u bro , get your shit together

  27. Rich S. says:

    have these commentators played poker lmfao

  28. DannyECDUB says:

    Joe is my spiritanimal

  29. Edward Patrick says:

    Phill supermasive ivey

  30. Kamil K. says:

    Seeing Selbst lose is satisfying for me 😀

  31. Zak Jimao says:

    Ivey is the GOAT of poker

  32. Nicolas Heider says:

    Nice quick laydown from Vanessa

  33. Cato Alexander Eikeland says:

    "SHOWS why he is still the BEST"
    SHOWS 7 year old footage.

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