44 thoughts on “Playing on a on line casino bailout.”
  1. Joshua Graham says:

    Canada building internment camps for 2021. Doug Ford and govt won't answer questions about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzWLlfwfD4Y Full length video uploaded by Ontario Legislature has been edited too. https://youtu.be/TTEF79z2Mvc?t=2893 Government listings to procure 36,000 units of tear gas and trained security enforcement for spring 2021:

  2. D Y says:

    Trudeau has to fund his buddies with tax payers money. I smell corruption. He probably took a cut of the 200 million. I smell more Treasonous Trudeau corruption. I smell Trudeau stench. Throw him in jail. Bty who cares about turkey when my taxes are going up because this guy is stealing from me. Can I bitch slap his abnoxious face? Okay, I'll wait in line.

  3. Karen Bling says:

    Run for P.M, please!!!

  4. bill budd says:

    just using the covid him and all the liberals and Ford all the time to cover all of his useless conversations

  5. c%m says:

    Because he used to tag team underage hookers with the owners?

  6. Black Lab Hugger says:

    'We're focused on destroying Canadians, ' Justine Trudy aka Spam.

  7. cheach80 says:

    Well, I didn’t vote for him.

  8. Brian Crouch says:

    Is Trudeau French for Inslee?

  9. armando melo says:

    does this idiot ever answer a question ,,

  10. Gabriel S says:

    Let's not forget their faces! Corrupt bastards!

  11. Bill says:


  12. Jason Awesome says:

    You started this shit situation in this country.

  13. Teri D says:

    Any government that doesn’t put the people first, has no business being in power.

  14. Teri D says:

    People are also worried because they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Donating money Canada doesn’t have, while ignoring veterans and seniors.

  15. Lisa Engelage says:

    What an idiot

  16. Slim Pickins says:

    Even Trudy had to keep from laughing

  17. MANYS RALLY says:

    Thts disgusting. Wow and the news dont talk about this at all. Shame

  18. Bruce Bright says:

    Gives them $200m and every body else gets to divy up $300m???

  19. J D says:

    WTF did he just say? They are working for people? Where is the answer to his question???????

  20. Mike Schnell says:

    Trudeau has once again proved he can’t answer a simple question! He’s such an idiot! Keep up the great work Pierre Polievre!!

  21. Justin Krane ALTERNATE CHANNEL says:

    Justin Trudeau gets a cut of taxpayer money for himself.

  22. Justin Krane ALTERNATE CHANNEL says:

    Justin Trudeau is not naive. He plays dumb.

  23. Justin Krane ALTERNATE CHANNEL says:

    200 million? 2 hundred million….2222

    The extraordinary situation that your government caused, Prime Minister Trudeau.

  24. Tim Arseneault says:

    This sounds like another scandal how much did the casino give to justin Trudeau and his money laundering liberals

  25. The Great And Terrible Day says:

    smh Canadians still don't know that Justin is the son of Fidel Castro. Time to wake up!

  26. Velma McFaul says:

    This is unbelievable

  27. Dennis Bassanese says:

    I agree with all comments………. Step down…………

  28. James Cathcart says:

    Canadians are going to kick him out an soon

  29. James Cathcart says:

    Tradeau is a total idiot

  30. James Cathcart says:

    Tradeau has total disregard for the taxpayers money, , total stupidity, he should resign

  31. Budzzable Rides says:

    Let’s begin the investigation now into the CERB money, our PM’s track record shows us he cannot & should not be trusted with OUR money ever again

  32. wend poi says:


  33. Per Llyngrenn says:

    Not one of Poilievre's most compelling videos. I don't think the scores of Gateway Casino employees who are out of work would appreciate it. They're working Canadians just like countless other adversely affected in this pandemic. Why should they not be eligible for federal programs? Poilievre is too mean-spirited to have mass appeal to Canadians but his followers with similar impoverished levels of empathy just love him.

  34. Psycho Pathetic says:

    in retrospect to my last comment, casinos give alot to charities. a failing casino is a perfect way to launder money. TRUDEU CANT EVEN SELL WEED PROPERLY… did you expect more… focus on food and holidays not where the money gets laundered…

  35. Psycho Pathetic says:

    hey this guy can do comedy and fundraise for a bailout. at least he can say it wasnt charity fraud.

  36. Rob says:

    Curious, who's gambling debt got paid off?

  37. Jim Johnson says:

    Justin answer the question for a change. Corrupt P???K

  38. KJV 2 GO says:

    Trudeau is that pebble you keep trying to get out of your sandal. You just have to stop what you're doing, take the sandal off, and deal with that pebble. Good on ya Pierre.

  39. ShneurZalman Liadi says:

    ' Dr. Zelenko: Masks don't stop COVID

    Orthodox Jewish doctor who popularized use of hydroxychloroquine, other drugs to treat coronavirus rips mask mandate. 'No basis in science.'


  40. wade saunders says:

    How is it we get this Otoole guy for a leader and not Pierre?

  41. Kevin Swan says:

    Trudeau is a criminal

  42. badalternative says:

    i'm so sick of hearing all this crap being spewed by our so-called prime minister. who, by the way, looks like the north end of a southbound wire haired terrier. i never knew it actually talked.

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