10 thoughts on “PLL – THE PERFECTIONISTS 1×1 Music – Vitamin String Quartet Poker Face Girl Gaga”
  1. Forever 20 says:

    0:55 ♥¡¡¡Lo ame !!! ♥

  2. Winx says:

    Em Pretty Little Liars Tocou Just Dance
    E Em Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Tocou Poker Face
    Lady Gaga Reina

  3. Karina G says:

    Welcome to hell

  4. Antonio Jacquez says:

    I couldn't pay attention to the first minutes of the serie cause I was wondering who's the song from. F, I love Gaga!

  5. Kennedi Davis says:

    The Pilot!!!

  6. Keviny Reis says:

    Melhor parte do EP

  7. cherry medicine says:

    Welcome to Beacon Heights University, where excellence is not an option, it’s a requirement

  8. metapborboy boy says:


  9. CoalAzul says:

    Como ser gay com classe. Amei, vai ser meu despertador.

  10. Jenny Butera says:

    Poker Face ficou muito boa nessa versão ❤❤

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