45 thoughts on “POCKET ACES IN A STRADDLED POT – Kyle Fischl Poker Vlog”
  1. Will Pickett says:

    Are you and cleanched teeth "Meathead" best friends?!

  2. FAL Peres says:

    i kinda lost my shit whit that "not todaAay" , i 've drnk spilled on everything

  3. C P says:

    God damn those are some used ass chips

  4. SOnotBOSS37 says:

    The last hand, AK suited easy fold preflop. You need to listen to the force Kyle…

  5. Jason Chun says:

    You are bound to lose. You have to raise a lot bigger with premium hands

  6. now what says:

    i think you played well but cards just didn't cooperate. nothing you can do. the last hand aq vs 55 was painful for the player holding the pocket pair.

  7. jbarres80 says:

    Dude calls straddle pot flops the world for his hand sucks but as you know you want those calls

  8. Mr Meseeks says:

    This fucking kid is full of it he’s not folding that straight fucking bs

  9. Kristjan Lund says:

    Been watching a load of your Vlogs lately, very entertaining! Keep it up.
    Also you look a bit like Macklemore 🙂

  10. Susan Bender says:

    When you took K,5 hearts and ran with it…it was over

  11. Scott Larrabee says:

    I would’ve raised those Kings too that’s as a good play.

  12. Cantona F says:

    when u play K5h as AQ or AJ so someone else play K3s as KK.

  13. Lee Jones says:

    If you say "because I'm tilting my face off", that allows you to double your opening range.

  14. Insoo Shin says:

    Great vid my guy

  15. R Hoz says:

    I don't see how your opponent can never have Ax and you have all the Ax in the first hand. He 3bet pre and even if he is 3betting too wide his range should still contain AT-AK and A2-A5. To say he can never have these hands and you always do doesn't make much sense. Also if he is really getting out of line pre why not 4bet K5s if you have a read he is 3betting too many trash hands?

  16. Jamie Paolinetti says:

    Super impressive making those late reads when you're "tilting" by your own definition. Saved yourself a ton. Usually reading skills disappear for players like they're millennials in public school when they tilt.

  17. Leo says:

    Keep it up. Thanks for being honest unlike the other vlogger, showing all the winning hands with many weird fishy aggression and book a small lose at the end.

  18. Dmitri Tchoulanov says:

    Bad King and 3 of spades ! I can hear your Aces cracking from behind my phone screen 🙂

  19. Dmitri Tchoulanov says:

    Interesting, thanks

  20. howie ziegler says:


  21. Tony Fisher says:

    those chips look ancient and rough lmao. pirate coins lmao

  22. Jboi Hunt says:

    Which casino you play at bro

  23. Will Page says:

    Yeh, it's official … your tilt lay downs are damn good!

  24. Will Page says:

    12:59 just a superb lay down man. Self-confessed tilting too. Da fuk you lay dat down?

  25. EdwardRAZRhands says:

    Take that snap jam 1000/1000 if you know he called $50 PRE FLOP with K3 JUST BECAUSE IT WAS SUITED!

  26. lmylemuel Matthew says:

    Hey KyleF, u wanna know what I had around min 16:00?? I had JS not jack of spades but Jack Shit. Lol

  27. sean lyall says:

    There are small things I remember in life. One of them was a while ago when you lost to king five. You said no one should EVER play k-5…..well…you played it. Lesson learned. You're a good thinker at the table. I learn a lot from you.

  28. Chad Widle says:

    Here's the thing. K5hh opening in the cutoff is super loose. How many players were at the table at the time? You should be folding to almost all three bets here. You got upset about the aces vs K3ss hand yet he jammed with much better equity then you did with K5. If he jams that flop it is usually a combo draw or a set and you are generally not in good shape with aces. That's probably a profitable fold vs the opponents jamming range there. He also only defended his straddle and hit the flop as hard as he could with K3ss. He didn't call a three bet and turn his hand into a bluff on the turn like you did when you picked up all the equity with K5. I'd prefer you check to realize your equity instead of turning the hand into a bluff. Especially against your opponent's perceived range which does include Ax there. You were lucky he folded sixes which is the bottom of his range there. Remember to respect even the worst players at the table. Sometimes they aren't playing as bad as you think they are.

  29. Michael Benshoof says:

    Only thing you could have done…..Leave early and grab a beer.

  30. CanadianLoveKnot says:

    i think you made some amazing reads, and like you said, sometimes it's not your day! get em on the next one!

  31. Harold K. says:

    ho, hum, pacing is terrible

  32. Antonio Canal says:

    I think a 4bet bluff with K5 ❤️ would be better then a call if someone is 3betting at to high of a frequency

  33. Frank Steinberg says:

    Kyle: I'm gonna make some predictions, will you confirm or deny?
    1) You are a UCF student/alum (based on the card rooms you play in)
    2) You are a Comp Sci major ("Hello World")

    How close am I?

  34. Dave Rogers says:

    Also u raise to 50 with KK all 4 players call but there is only 200 in the pot?

  35. Dave Rogers says:

    In the 89 clubs hand how are u last to act when the button is in the hand as the PFR of 25???

  36. Eric Heitner says:

    I had a night like that last night in a home game. Didn’t win one hand with all premiums and to cap it off cracked aces to AQs he hit a Queen in the flop and Queen on the river.

  37. David Johnson says:

    Ha. I hate money. Funny. Meathead was messing with you raising. Nice vlog as always.

  38. clevertrevorsdad says:

    Great vid kyle

  39. James Fondren says:

    Any plans for coming out here to LV anytime Kyle? I will back a sesh or two.

  40. Adam Lutes says:

    Great folds with the Ak and the 89 hands! Looks like you were put in some tough spots this time. Best of luck for the next session!

  41. KM Snow says:

    Good reality check. Meathead? LMAO.

  42. Bertrand Smith says:

    Disagree with a few of the things you said. First off, I think the 66 vs K5h hand was an absolute disaster, idk how you can say it was well played by both players, at least preflop was really really bad by both of you, 5x K5h from the cutoff is pretty bad, but whatever, his 3 bet is atrocious, this is about the worst hand we could 3 bet with out of the blinds, not good enough to do this for value, too good to do it as a bluff, no removal to strong hands, poor playability the majority of the time postflop, so yea 3 bet bombing this hand is just really bad. You have a snap fold, doesn’t matter if you’re in position, you have so many better hands to defend with, at least 4 bet if you’re going to continue. The AA hand, yea it’s definitely gross, and calling with K3s pre is definitely bad (ahem K5h), but postflop I’m not sure what you expect K3s to do on this flop, I prefer raising a smaller size then allin but shoving can never be that bad once we get to this spot, if you didn’t have the As, the %s are even closer to 50/50

  43. Ksigrizzo says:

    Love that you share the bloody beatings you take as well as the sessions of running like a god. See you at Orange City. Great work!

  44. Trevor Roberts says:

    Neat. Such strategy. Big wow.

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