33 thoughts on “Poker Beginner DESTROYS Competitors and Wins $1.7 MILLION ♠️ Finest Poker Moments ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Brandon Grant says:

    Luckiest man alive

  2. chkz z says:

    Definitely not "crushing" lol. Lucky though! "John might be the best poker player I've ever seen!"

    Guy just smashes sets over and over and over. Come on lol

  3. Odysseas Channel says:

    Insane as poker it is!

  4. Stefan Hristov says:

    Real Pokerstars player.Full idiot with no clue but bag full of suckouts.

  5. Andrew Henderson says:

    Commentator: "This should be an easy fold."
    Julius : "All In"
    Commentator: " He shoves!? "
    The rest of the poker universe: " GitGud Lul!"

  6. axattack82 says:

    Destroys? clickbait

  7. Craig Evans says:

    Guy just had a tremendous run

  8. Emron Diego says:

    idiots calls haha

  9. Taqim Limau says:

    Stupid play on julius

  10. Tontolou Biru says:

    5:28 thats the bait

  11. Christopher Coupland says:

    It really is sick to see someone with minimal poker ability win a tournament because of sitting on a heater

  12. Justin Worth says:

    didnt destroy anybody, ran good

  13. Cristian Lasca says:

    Pessimo giocatore solo un po fortunato

  14. Big B says:

    I looked him up on Hendon he actually has a pretty good amount of wins on in house casino tournaments and a good bit of cashes at wsop.

  15. Cody Waldridge says:

    Don’t bluff a fish

  16. C.A. Toro says:

    Of course he got lucky on the first few hands showed but heads up he played really well.

  17. Vincent Chase says:

    So sick!

  18. Michael Gray says:

    Damn mbn flopping sets every hand for 1.7

  19. borges23 says:

    Tournament poker is depends on luck so much, of course not ONLY luck, but you really need it.

  20. Hillary Sanderson says:

    MIKE POSTLES: " He had to of known what cards were coming like I did…..I mean.. Good job! Yw 2 come play at The Stones Anytime!

  21. Ảo Quá Game says:

    Julius is crazy. He got nothing and still all in ??

  22. Fish Fish says:

    That's Poker

  23. Will Page says:

    sick af

  24. David Felli says:

    its more like "Poker Amateur outdraws everyone by running extremly lucky"

  25. Stan XX says:

    The dashing door inevitably puncture because train microscopically murder given a two german. pointless, healthy toothbrush

  26. Aspen Bridge says:

    what happened to the micro stakes sit and go's?

  27. QT8270 says:


  28. Venger Satanis says:


  29. Patrick Clay says:

    “Destroys…” more like running hotter than a freight train

  30. Gabriel Cruz says:

    This donk is annoying as hell tbh

  31. vgmilo says:

    Lol just shove with low pairs preflop that's one way to do it huh

  32. JMJ * says:

    Its better to be lucky than good! This guy is not good he made a lot of mistakes and got bailed out jajajajaja

  33. Stefan Broasca says:

    He was very, very lucky.

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