9 thoughts on “Poker Breakdown: Is Matt Berkey Getting Out-Berkeyed By Frank Kassela?”
  1. em diar says:

    To give up the ghost means to die, although it can also be used to describe a machine that has broken down beyond repair.

  2. Luis Torres says:

    i think kassela is way wider preflop like he probably has QJo and maybe J9o, also I think he may move in for value with KQ and KJ because of spr. this is based on 1) apparently he is stuck and has been drinking 2) he isnt really that good at nlh

    its a relatively easy call based on this esp given berkey is getting 2.5 to 1

  3. 26bisket says:

    Ace of clubs messed with his head

  4. Austin Shappi says:

    Stack sizes keep changing like Alec Toreli’s on Poker night in America

  5. K Sapkota says:

    Greatest title ever

  6. Jeff Heim says:

    It was a Jimmy Glick impression. Not Daniel Day Lewis. 🙂

  7. Milo says:

    drinking = nervous

  8. Sean Reitman says:

    Holy shit, what a nit roll

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