30 thoughts on “POKER CONCEPTS in Motion: Ranges, Bluffs, Bubble Play and getting All In”
  1. Friki Bouijs says:

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  2. The Center Of The Universe says:

    How do these tournaments work? Are they playing with real money? Or is it representative of chips and there is a payout depending on where you placed?

  3. Will Pill says:

    Damn Dnegs your so much better now at poker thought processes. You still got that old school live feel with great poker knowledge to back it

  4. M L. says:

    If only this game had more rake.

  5. Serendipity says:

    Top microphone. Picks him up eating an apple really well. About as much as I could handle, why do people think we wanna listen to that?

  6. Sean Dwyer says:

    Overall, not counting the Polk Challenge… Are you winning online? Since covid started? are you up or down??

  7. Thomas Monaghan says:

    Daniel won more hands in a single tournament than I have in the last 12 months

  8. Rahul Agarwal says:

    Bro, you have lost a lot of hair.

  9. Jean NEYMAR says:

    J'adore " c la vie" lol

  10. Cosmo Kramer says:

    Sausage theory optimal in action

  11. Stewie Griffin says:

    Daniel, is it true that you kick your poodle after bad beat

  12. Loïc Gagnon-Messier says:

    Danielinski! My boy! Please supply more of this content, was a very nice watch. Hope you're having a good week!


    Daniel realizing: Poker has become based on luck and rigg. Fuck this. "I'm lucky I made money before this shit hits the storm – aka the current state of poker".

  14. Joey Krafchick says:

    Dude. You cannot eat straight into the mic. It prevents some of us from being able to watch that part of the video

  15. cody price says:

    oh man you you look like the guy from the fifth element.

  16. Froala says:

    id say you’re in the top 90% of tourney players. Not top 20%

  17. CodyDean says:

    I didn't learn "nothing". I learned that nobody out-eats Dnegs while playing online tournaments.

  18. Fixxed goal says:

    Can you put subtitles? I d like undestand something

  19. kingrando says:

    Daniel, can you get international players more free rolls on ggpoker? Man, online poker sucks these days, especially during COVID.

  20. DG3N WILLY says:

    He just lost 1M to Doug polk…..go to upswing poker instead

  21. Chris P. Bacon says:

    Alright, I'm sorry, you've probably been asked this like 100000 times, but…how do you avoid being stream sniped?

  22. SerHaHa says:

    Can you teach us about blaming losses on luck, and kicking dogs?

  23. Gregory Gross says:

    Daniel i love you, but i cant listen to people eat while talking. Its like 5000x nails on chalkboard to me

  24. Dan Kehoe says:

    Thanks for the master class changed everything for me.

  25. Jack Sparrow says:

    Is GG poker coming to michigan?

  26. Michael Diederich says:

    Trying to make it in poker soon

  27. Zack Brown says:

    Can’t u eat that damn apple off camera? What a horrible sound to have to listen to.

  28. Aztec Warrior says:

    Thank you for playing and explaining. I a still at 1-2 for about 2 years.

  29. stacey vieira says:

    i think people with coloured glasses get them because they can afford more then one pair

  30. Dickie B says:

    These videos are helpful.

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