20 thoughts on “Poker Face Scorching Sauce Meals Problem”
  1. Alan Pereira says:

    Play the fermented foods poker challenge

  2. Gianni Descalzo says:

    Da Bomb is terrible. It has no flavor, and just uses heat from extracts to be obnoxious.

  3. Harry Wicks says:

    ngl jamie had the best poker face
    mike didnt have a poker face at all

  4. Jakobpunkt says:

    Just straight up stealing ideas from First We Feast, huh?

  5. El No says:

    Seeing some hot sauces featured on hot ones

  6. El No says:

    Barry's "we're lemon and herb boys" was a treat

  7. jmagnussonii says:

    Do spicy candy poker face challenge, including the world's hottest chocolate bar

  8. Mirage Sur says:

    And I can't eat jalapenos…

  9. Terra Eraqus says:

    I want the chefs to do this

  10. Victoria Hinderks says:

    Has Mike ever worked in retail at Christmas? Because his attitude when drinking that bloody Mary reminds me of my forced positivity…

  11. Daniel Sh says:

    Please someone give Barry a hug, that poor child

  12. Laura P says:

    Bitter foods poker face challenge!

  13. James Parker says:

    I agree with Alan…strostuming

  14. Elvis Knot says:

    sorted as gay??

  15. Vincent Voidbringer says:

    I want to say… doing this again but while playing actual poker -preferably Texas Hold 'em since that's grown to be ubiquitous and the hands are rather quick-, chips are given equal to the scoville value …. looks up the Scoville-scale Yeah, either straight Scoville value or divided by 10. Everyone starts out with something rather mild in the 500 range and can buy back in with something hotter if they run out of chips. Milk, yogurt, icecream or other dairy to cut the heat costs…. mmmm… a quarter of the player's chips rounded up, minimum chip worth of 100? Players with fewer than 100 chips but need something to kill the heat can either bow out or have a drink and their next spicy buy in. Players can completely bow out of the game after three buy ins or something. Last man standing wins.

    That's just off the top of my head, doubt anything'll come of it but yeah, something along the lines of that seems fun.

  16. Matthew Ashton says:

    British palates.

  17. Wicket Ewok says:

    "We're lemon and herb boys"; my new way to say … FUCK! I'm in trouble.

  18. Angelica Centeno says:

    The Chefs definitely need to do this

  19. Supriya Gour says:

    2020 wouldn't be complete without a Zombie Apocalypse or Sudden Death popcorn!

  20. Marina Flores says:

    do a cross over with hot ones !!!!

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