8 thoughts on “Poker Instruments #2 – Google Sheets”
  1. McGavel1 says:

    Great tips, thanks.

  2. okaoklenny says:

    Hey do any of you know if I am allowed to create powerpoints using Google Docs and sell them for money?

  3. Alex Burton says:

    Awesome video. You might want to blur what looks to be your private email though..

  4. s p says:

    playing live i use poker note live app to make notes at the table then put in google docs later. write hsnd details right away and hands will be more accurate. if you try to wait till after session usually some details r lost in translation.

  5. s p says:

    that guys sheet is awesome! lol

  6. Jakub K says:

    good stuff! thanks

  7. John E blaze says:

    Thank you

  8. naihanchin Kempo says:

    Do you write this in a notebook, as you play? or record on a recording app on a phone, or record it on a break? OR? Online you have things like pokertracker..To do this on a live table, it's hard to remember every detail

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