10 thoughts on “Poker Motion BONANZA: 5 EXCITING poker flops!”

    @4:35 Jj would have hit the straight.

  2. TV Poker Replays says:

    MUITO BOM , pra quem gosta de ver replays de FT deem uma passadinha no meu canal

  3. Tuk asfuk says:

    I'd like it if you stopped calling every video "poker hands"

  4. Jeff Swanson says:

    Ha loved the Q10 vs 98. Dude seemed to pump his fists at the Q on the river then realizes that gave his opponent a full house and the win.

  5. Adam Meehan says:


  6. Owen Skalvalki says:

    What happens to JJ in the first hand is always seems happen to me on a straight or a flush draw.

  7. Hendrie Kelder says:

    Love these vids, there old but real winners u still see nowadays, the rest didnt make it lol, and that is the majority

  8. Rowan Harvey-Turner says:

    Really bad call with the 10s imo. Like he said, no way is he taking that line with 9s or worse.

  9. Zach Larson says:

    1st clip jj made the right decision but… sometimes gambling pays off!

  10. 7s0x says:

    The girl behind the last dude tho. :))

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