Poker Night time 2 – Intro Scene & Gameplay (Workforce Fortress 2 Merchandise Quest, Episode 1)

34 thoughts on “Poker Night time 2 – Intro Scene & Gameplay (Workforce Fortress 2 Merchandise Quest, Episode 1)”
  1. Hank Hill says:

    why does the guy sounds like joe from family guy

  2. K I D. M A S H says:


    go fish

  3. Mr Red Eagles says:

    U got a sub

  4. Dave Ryan Spencer says:


  5. EliasB says:


  6. LittleLuigiGuy says:

    also, y u no talk?

  7. LittleLuigiGuy says:

    lol, gravity bone/thirty flights of loving reference xD

  8. GeeThr33 says:

    what a fail

  9. Shooterdash says:

    You don't know how to play poker do you?

  10. Dropout says:

    This game fucking sucks, it's impossible for me to even win a SINGLE tournament!!! WHY DID THEY HAVE TO MAKE IT SO THAT YOU NEED TO WIN THE TOURNAMENT IN ORDER TO GET THE ITEMS??? I can't win!!! The cards I get are always shit and the AI's are so good! I JUST WANT THE Tf2 ITEMS SO BAD! 🙁

  11. Solar says:

    It's my inventory, FULL OF CRATES!

  12. Ben Afallouss says:

    Is Brocks voice Joe from Family Guy?

  13. Jotaro Kujo says:

    I have poker night 1 and I am wanting to buy poker night 2

  14. Kyle Burden says:

    Poker Night 1 taught me how to play Poker. Not that I would need to learn it. I basically just bought the game for the Team Fortress 2 items

  15. SpiralHotDogz says:

    R.I.P Heavy

  16. drycows says:

    Question, if you get this on the ipod/iphone, do we still get the ingame items on the PC?

  17. Freakandtoilets says:

    No idea how ro play still got the items XE

  18. Kenta says:

    I thought Mightyeana was talking about Survival Instinct.

  19. Luzubal says:

    @lwkcdvn i agree one of my top 10 ALSO! check this game is really damn addictive ==> bit.ly/10XQ075?=dscvq

  20. Qolla92 says:


  21. Maxthewicked100 says:

    That's because it is!

  22. GSBro says:

    also the same voice actor for Joe Swanson on Family Guy

  23. GSBro says:

    I didn't see anyone in that video from minecraft so I'm going to say no.

  24. BURGUR TANK says:

    are those guys from minecraft

  25. Phantom1356 says:

    Actually, yes he is. Look for an Army of Darkness game on PS2.

  26. edman9953 says:

    DOUG! HE IS ALIVE!! Is he a walker?

  27. DemoHam says:

    Omfg you hot this game just for tf2 items you bellend

  28. finstrike7 says:


  29. Sagan Reece says:

    As Camo said, from Army of Darkness, however Ash is not in a video game.

  30. FancySkunk says:

    Same voice actor.

  31. camoclarkrox says:

    Army of Darkness, it came up when it told you who he was

  32. Low Zaar says:

    what game is ash from? i never seen him…

  33. John Macarty says:

    Wow, watching this game really makes me want to get it on steam. Even though I hate poker.

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