14 thoughts on “Poker participant goes from the CHIP LEAD to the RAIL in THREE HANDS!”
  1. SOZIN says:

    I can't believe he folded 9s there.

  2. Patrick Green says:

    Fkn Spirit Breaker Supreme

  3. John Smith says:

    He donkeyed off his chips.

  4. aucourant says:

    Sometimes luck just isn't on your side.

  5. truth always says:

    Those were some great hands

  6. Control 101 says:

    Title like or having 3 bad beats in a row

  7. Alex Dragon says:

    Poor guy.. had the best hand 3/3 times and still lost.

  8. cdh79 says:

    that's poker.. while I don't like the A9 call, he did go all in every time with the better hand..

  9. Tony England says:

    That A9 totally deserved that river Jack.

  10. Tor Ivar Sæternes says:

    I do NOT like the Call by Chris Bell with A9. Even if he hit the A he have no way of knowing if he is already beat. Damn unlucky..but as one see. He have NO clue IF he is ahead when he hit the 9…and then Boom you have to go All In and PRAY you are good.

  11. Dragos Dragos says:

    did chris understand poker , and what a poker face is , ? he does crazy moves and tells , ofc i dont knew the tells but other pros at the table must be happy to play him lol.

  12. Ben Dover Mi says:

    Dam unlucky

  13. Levi Katriel says:

    There was another time when someone in the chip lead went all in pre flop with 45 off suit and got called. It was the start of a quick collapse. He didn’t even let anyone interview him

  14. firelord9000 says:

    lol didnt know tom hanks played poker

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