10 thoughts on “Poker Time Money Sport: Can the Insane Triple Barrel Bluff get the Olympic Gold Medalist to Fold???”
  1. Wei Jun Tan says:

    Watching Centro play the hands he is blessed with makes my blood boil

  2. John Spence says:


  3. Andrew Liffey says:

    ladsss come on. fix the software!

  4. M D says:

    I'm surprised you guys completely glossed over Joseph flatting EP raises in-position with 85o and J4 of hearts. You would roast some other players for those plays.

  5. Tommy Jensen says:

    As olympic gold winner, Centro is already familiar with becoming a target for the spotlight.

  6. Matt Kelley says:

    Pretty sure the only Asimov book Levy has read is "I, Robot" and by read, I mean seen the movie.

  7. Alex S says:

    Professors chip stacks are so tilting.

  8. Alex S says:

    Dm5 runs better than he plays

  9. howie ziegler says:

    Are you guys in different speakers on purpose?

  10. Ainsley Harriott says:

    Oh man my stereo headphones you're like demons

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