43 thoughts on “Poker Vlog 13: There's Fish All over the place and Rain Delay is Broke!”
  1. Marvis Young says:

    Just enough poker for poker fans, and just enough trip footage to please the rest. Just superb vlog making. Keep it up fo realz!

  2. Charlie Child says:

    I honestly only watch for the Spanish lessons.

  3. T W says:

    Need more rain delay trips with you guys

  4. ekw555 says:

    ffs, you two! take your baseball caps off in the restaurant!

  5. ekw555 says:

    it was good of Dan to catch some bait for you & Grace to use.

  6. David Leutzinger says:

    Nice. I like the song.

  7. Robert Wagner says:

    I'm liking the vlog.. keep it up

  8. Champagne CAPO says:

    Thanks for the lessons! I appreciate them.

  9. OnTheRun says:

    Thought the pelican was going to spew out a Jumanji quote.

  10. Curtis Powell says:

    Funny vid, I've seen you guys in Jaman's vlog.. I'll check out more here this week.
    Quick question.. if something happens to you .. like cancer or getting killed by a stork.. can I have your wife? Is that a thing? Is wife Dibbs a contractual and or legal thing? Wink
    Keep' em coming .. I'll keep watching.
    Curt in Thailand

  11. Perry Rohr says:

    really cool vlog man, keep up the good content.

  12. OLDMAN COFFEE says:

    I spent 24 years living in Biloxi, I was a dealer at the Biloxi Grand for 11 years until Katrina put me out of a job, played all the Poker Rooms in Biloxi, now living in Las Vegas for the past year and playing poker every day…..

  13. Bertrand Smith says:

    I disagree with you having a range advantage, on the first hand with the KJ that you played, on that board. Honestly I think cbetting there had he checked would’ve been a fairly big mistake considering you had 4 callers and a board that absolutely smashes some of their ranges, you don’t even have a heart which is even worse because it gives you even less equity and now you block no combos of pair + FD, straight + flush draw, etc that won’t be folding, you kind of got bailed out by the fact that the dude put out the stupid $7 bet and that somehow not of the other 3 had any sort of Broadway, high suited connector type hands which never would’ve folded

  14. Poker Snob says:

    Action is always good at the Beau Rivage !!!!

  15. Syki says:

    Great vlog, you’re funny af

  16. Peter Pan says:

    You are my new favorite vlog now

  17. Premium Food says:

    Love it

  18. Bernabe Ramirez says:

    Good vlogs. Keep it grinding

  19. John Montague says:

    Love the content keep it coming . I’m sure this a question you get a lot but I’m going to ask it. What are some resources that you would recommend to help improve a beginner poker players game?

  20. Bakerboyzzz MLB says:

    Love that big patting the table river check. That pretty much tells you he doesn’t want you to bet. Nice play with that A10.

  21. D.J. R says:

    What a luckbox. Must be hard when you flop so many sets.

  22. Jennifer Rochelle says:

    Nice! Fishing is fun!

  23. Rice Cooker says:

    u gettin some old ass $100 bills at the end haha

  24. James Fondren says:

    I love it when people bang the table 6 times for a check. They might as well say "I AM WEAK!!!"

  25. James Fondren says:

    Curious bird, the pelly can, its beak can hold more, than its belly can. Ahhhhh the crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico…. there's no place like home.

  26. Justin Hart says:

    your river all in when you got QQ to fold has to be a bad bet? his hand is face up i thought he had 10s or JJs but same shit.. how does he fold the river to your image.?? if the river wasn't a king then id love your all in, but the fact that he folded when he shouldn't makes his bad fold awarding you a bad bet into a good one?

  27. Adam Cornett says:

    Adam, been watching Jaman from early on, and now I'm watching your stuff. Enjoying your content. You and J play way different.

  28. Paisley Hollis says:


  29. Paul Hamilton says:


  30. Kevin Mc Donnell says:

    Always very funny and great content great job

  31. Clint Perkinson says:

    Thumbs up for the fishing alone (and the pelican). I loved it.

  32. Crakked Aces says:

    Wow nice Black Drum!

  33. Han Nguyen says:

    Everywhere Rain Delay goes, he has on the same hat and sweater!

  34. Bob Weiser says:

    Seriously how does Dan not get pushed over?

  35. Ross Ferger says:

    Flopping sets is easy!!

  36. M K says:

    @2:11, get running start and push…..hard!

  37. Daniel Dobrosky says:

    Great job thanks for making my Sunday morning

  38. Patrick Murphy says:

    Enjoyable vlog. Solid plays. I don’t mind the a6 hand at all as played just because you were already posted.

  39. Frank L. says:

    And you thought your bird was big, until that gull hopped up onto the boat, lol

  40. Frida and Luna says:

    Damn. Nice job with that A 10.

  41. John Ames says:

    Clown bet bro. Lol. Glad you started a vlog, you're good at this. Always enjoy them.

  42. Tim Gray says:

    Where did you play? Biloxi or N.O.?

    Really enjoy your Vlog’s. Would you agree that hand selection and aggression is the key to this win?

    Agree with your comment that most players in 1-3 can’t tell you why they make the plays they do.

  43. Kevin Craft says:

    Crusher McCrushface

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