19 thoughts on “Poker vLog 81 i modified the desk and located the goldfish (Session With Jeff Stimson)”
  1. Roy Martin says:

    Mr. Vegas… 1st time watching your Vlogs. Enjoyed it. If i may offer advice I would try and refrain from political talk as you could-and probably will lose 1/2 of your potential viewers. If that doesn't matter to you then ignore This.
    I just really enjoyed watching and an a Subscriber now. Good Luck

  2. John Kim says:

    What is the exact meaning of "goldfish"?

  3. Matthew Walker says:

    This is one of the best vlogs you have made. Keep it up I like

  4. Rev Rumble says:

    I’m recovering from COVID right now. Let me tell you, be grateful it’s shut down and be extra careful. It’s not a game. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Stay safe everyone.

  5. Brian Cray says:

    congrats. your down streak is over. punish them. LOL.

  6. Richie Vegas says:

    wow last time i seen ya was at the Venetian. 2019

  7. Sandy Kaufman says:

    Okay now that I've watched you and you commented on that hat and called it gay I will no longer watch you ever again

  8. Sandy Kaufman says:

    Now that I hear your politics I'm unlikely to follow you anymore

  9. Martinccy Y says:

    As President Trump said: Many false news. Don't be an idiot.

  10. S S says:

    I think your tin foil hat is a little tight.

  11. O8GRINDER says:

    The Orleans is where I play the most so I recognize the players in this video 🙂

  12. VINCENT Toleafoa says:

    Your room mate is such a Donkey hahaha

  13. miguel hernandez says:

    You will live in Canada with your passport? I think 6 months is the maximum they will let you per year

  14. Stewie Griffin says:

    10:00 nooo, you didn't 🙂

  15. Dr colosso says:

    Nice great video..your acsent make the videos very good

  16. June Gravel says:

    Yahoo! Best vlog of yours, I've viewed yet. Love the roommate!

  17. Jeff Haberman says:

    I love your vlogs, but please don’t talk through your mask at the table. It sounds kind of creepy for a lack of a better word.sorry!

  18. SenselessApprentice says:

    Why are you not raising j4 on flip or turn for value?

  19. richard fabrizio says:

    I’m with ya on your top 5 list. Good session I like 4/8 at orleans.

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