8 thoughts on “Poker Vlog Episode 48 (NLH): Gutter, Tilt, Examine Shove River Bluff, Min Raised, Journeys”
  1. Michael Serrate says:

    Hey man. Love your vlogs. But 4 equal distance lines don’t make you a square – they make you a rhombus.

  2. Jameson Wittman says:

    Oh wow the guy with a2 just donked their money off

  3. James Wilson says:

    Glad you're back!

  4. Brian McKinney says:

    That guy who folded AK to your check raise will probably never play again. Would be surprised if he can even pull himself out of bed anymore after that. How does it feel to ruin lives ?

  5. SAM’s Guitar says:

    With regards to YouTube taking videos down I’m sure you know about the new law about content – child friendly etcccc… I’m sure you’ve abided and declared your content level but lm posting just to be sure, and of course advise anyone else who may not be aware of the COPPA law

  6. marco dorkus malorkus says:

    I am interested to know what happens in between these hands. Are you playing tight? Are you ever limping? What do the players think of you.do they think your loose? Or tight?.

  7. The Slot Whisperer says:

    It seems like YT did a poker content police style raid recently…a lot of creators got hit. Sad to see you were one. Good video as always!

  8. ekw555 says:

    @6:00 Postle mode engaged? 😉

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