47 thoughts on “Poker Vlog – The BIGGEST Win I've Ever Had (+$1,025) – Giveaway!! – Poker Vloggers – Poker Vlog 2020”
  1. David Fetrow says:

    Good playing sir,your game is evolving

  2. randallpsmith says:

    I am enjoying your vlog. Keep up the good work.

  3. Gary Morgan says:

    Kenny here is my bad beat beat story for the giveaway….. I'm playing in a casino in California and after winning a small pot a chubby Spanish dealer comes into the box and I immediately recognize her from my last session. You see she busted me on the river with my AA with a one outer for my opponent. After getting settled with her cushions she starts a conversation with "How is everyone etc, etc," Still steaming from the last river she gave me the day before I tell her "Just sit down and deal" She shuffles and proceeds to deal me two red aces. Of course I get a lot of money into the pot and lose on the river. " I scream that I should know better then to have you deal me a hand I should have sat out for your time here. I get up and go to the bar for that half hour. She leaves and I come back to the table. I build up my stack over the next two hours and its a four dealer rotation and she is now back. I have just taken my big blind and like an idiot I let her deal my small blind. Well you guessed it she deals me two black aces and again I lose a big pot on the river!! I steam off back to the bar and stay their for the rest of her deal. Upon her leaving she see's me coming back to the table and gives me a BIG smile. Over the next two hours I build my chips back up and soon its her turn again to deal my table. My button and she says do you want a hand I do not answer her. She deals me in and again the very first hand she gives one red and one black ace. Now I just look at her and say are you Fooking serious and throw them face up on the table and start to walk away as she puts out a flop of three clubs, the man sitting next to me flopped a nut flush and said boy did you save a lot of money not playing that pair. TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dmitri Tchoulanov says:

    Interesting, thanks

  5. Dan Richardson says:

    Love the Styrofoam Peanut hat reference. It's the Ginger Hip Hop poker look! Watched all your vlogs. Your play and thought process/decision making is dramatically improved matched by session wins totals

  6. Erik Power says:

    I have enjoyed watching your vlogs. There is one tendency I feel I must point out to you. Your bet sizing especially on the turn needs work. You consistently don't polarize correctly with your bluffs and value hands. On the A5d hand you for example you bet 20 into 70. This is not ideal, it would be better to bet at least 2/3 pot or even overbet maximizing your fold equity and ensuring that if you do get called and hit you get max value. Just food for thought. Good luck to you and I look forward to watching your progress.

  7. egbsafari says:

    liked your aggression with top pair flush draw

  8. DScottyN says:

    Great hit and quit! I love to see more of these low stakes videos for nits like me with small bankrolls.

  9. New York Poker Dude says:

    Good to see the kid from Shameless is killing it in poker!

  10. Neiltrons says:

    You should add opponent’s stack as well.

  11. Complete Wash 86 says:

    Great content

  12. Dach The Collector says:

    I WANT THAT HAT!!! And I’m a new subscriber Awsome stuff bro keep it up I’ll be back for sure 🙂

  13. Hustlin Bruce says:

    Just found you like the content

  14. Junyu Zhang says:

    Auto like on any b-ball intro , if u ever come out to chicago hit me up we can ball n play poker too!

  15. FabianPepsi says:

    Your graphics sometimes are ahead of your story telling they should go u the flow of what your saying. Keep working on your game and the A5 is a def bet on the flop IMO.

  16. Alexander says:

    8:00 hey, nice vlog ! I like the formatting and it seems you’ve already made some strides in your thinking since the first vlog. Keep it up!

    Just want to mention that it’s critical to find out what your opponent has whenever you have an opportunity, and it’s especially a treat for your viewers. @ 8:00 hand you didn’t mention what your opponent called your value bet with. Take mental notes of what your opponent are doing with specific hand ranges, it will allow you to make more informed decisions in future hands. I jus thought maybe you overlooked the significance of this concept because you didn’t mention what you got value from. It’s the essence of poker.

  17. Tim Maricic says:

    Nice Job. Still waiting to get back out there in STL.

  18. Joshua Pham says:

    hey i don't know if this is on purpose or not, but your twitter link does not redirect me to your actual account; just the general twitter page

  19. paul maier says:

    very good flowing vlog

  20. Trevor Teres says:

    I think the hand with T9D you miss a lot of value on river with. I think sizing up on the river and polarizing your bet is a way to get more value from marginal callings. It make it look very value heavy. But overall, well played

  21. john lee says:

    The 80s cash out and endind music is horrible. Haha

  22. jonathan ngo says:

    love the content bro! keep up the good work

  23. William Walsh says:

    Kenny: I hit a royal flush on the turn but I'm afraid my opponent might have five aces so I bet 1/100th of the pot.

  24. Jose Sanchez says:

    Good channel. I do like to see table cards . Maybe look into that. I like the hat too. I would send a pic to you wearing it if I win.

  25. Douglas Sommerfield says:

    I like to hit the thumbs up and actually see the count go up. Lol. Something I never see with Brad or Andrew.

  26. Victor Frankenstein says:

    Fantastic outcome…great day.

  27. i says:


  28. panjang loo says:

    Great win and I’m here for the cap! Thenks

  29. Nosz says:

    Nice win mate – some decent plays there I like that you're not to greedy!

  30. Nick Benincasa says:

    You gave MP a fairly cheap price on the AJ full house hand. Less than 1/2 pot makes you seem weak, but I do think you probably couldve gotten between 110-130 out of him

  31. CMC RC says:

    Theres a poker room in Springfield mo?

  32. msperanza13 says:

    Hey Richie. What hand did the Villain have where u made the Jack straight.

  33. Bishop says:

    With the straight flush, straight & flush draw on the flop A5dd 100% should be getting money into the pot so when you do hit you'll have more profits. Any strong J combo is not folding that flop so get some more money into it.

  34. Alex Funnell says:

    Keep up the great work

  35. Tim Reinke says:

    Excellent vlog!!!

  36. Hectik Hector says:

    Some solid content and keep up the good work, your passion for the game reminds me of myself. Im from Canada , its harder to get those upswing hats . It would be a good addition to my gear ;p

  37. lynn sparks says:

    Thanks for the content. Other day I had a 9 high straight flush and beat quad nines in plo. If he would have had quad kings it would have been bad beat jackpot.

  38. Spath says:

    Loving the way your vlogs are edited man, keep it up!

  39. Happy Face Holdem says:

    Great job! Nice win keep it going

  40. James Guest says:

    Damn I was in Sprimgfield.wish I knew about this gm. Don't second guess all your decisions.

  41. Anish Kumar says:

    I am very bad with Giveaways……

  42. awesomeNASAvideos says:

    The Ad5d hand at 2:30 fits very nicely into a check-raise as pre-flop raiser. Finding hands to put into this XR strategy is frequently overlooked in live poker so opponents will never expect it.

    Great format! Nice cash!

  43. James Guest says:

    Lol you of course bet flop on straight flush draw

  44. James Guest says:

    How much does this game rake? Do you know?

  45. Colm McGuire says:

    Nice play all round. Look forward to seeing how your thinking on hands develops as the vlog goes forward.

  46. Carlton Thomas says:

    Profitable session is alway good

  47. Craig Bloom says:

    Enjoying the videos. I'll take that hat from you. Thanks 🙂

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