34 thoughts on “Poker will get problematic?! NPC puritans introduce playing cards for beta boys!”
  1. Vent Light says:

    These aren’t children’s cards, YOU CAN’T JUST REPLACE JACK, QUEEN, AND KING!

  2. Blackmagic says:

    More far left subversion. More attempts at demoralisation.

  3. ben s says:

    all it takes is for people not to comply with these new "rules" of the s.j.w. p.c. baphometists.

  4. Raximus3000 says:

    This is disrespecting Kamen Rider Blade!

  5. Marko Zec says:

    This really starts looking as plain insanity!!! I mean what is next changing colonel Mustard and mrs Peach and rest cluedo characters…. I mean this really is starting to be not funny but insane. I mean you can make your custom card however you want but you can not order EVERYONE to play with your cards…

  6. Chibi Kami says:

    but can we call a spade a, well, you know

  7. Disposable Hero says:

    What is higher a pair of Simps or a pair of Beta Males.

  8. Cu' Chulainn Grand Servant of Death Count says:

    And yet people on FB defend it… Because the culprit is a woman..They said the common answer..You are proving her point with your reasons..

    Me:What is the point did she have?

  9. Andre Linoge says:

    Kings are actually more powerful than queens, But only if the queen marries into a royal family. Like the British royal family for example the queen is actually the one with more power because she has royal British blood, whereas her husband Prince Philip was born a prince of Greece and Denmark so would be considered an outsider, therefore wouldn't have her level of power.

  10. drake aciago says:

    Gold, silver , broce?
    Privilege people
    Plomo wood and mud

  11. Edwin Buana says:

    oh i though this was queeng :v

  12. yinyangdragonx says:

    The best way is to make it so you have to play them on motorcycles

  13. emperors new clothes says:

    but spades!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Nick Curleo says:

    can't say king me in checkers anymore!

  15. Nick Curleo says:

    keep your paws off my chess set!

  16. G MAN AWESOME says:


  17. MatameVideos says:

    I mean, they are not being imposed on anyone, it is simply an alternative. They could've been more creative, but at the end is a harmless option. I love creative playing cards design

  18. professor chaos says:

    I don't know how to play poker but in blackjack the jack/queen and king are worth the same

  19. Christo Maass says:

    Things like this is only going to get worse not puppet Joe is "president"

  20. Allah SpreadsHate says:

    Then someone will complain that bronze could be seen as a darker skin colour so then it's not fair it's of lower value…

    That's the problem with this ridiculous "logic", it never ends. There's ALWAYS something to find fault in if you look hard enough and don't have real problems to worry about.

  21. Kayoushin says:

    If there is one thing these people succesfully prove is that they are retarded like most mentally ill people out there it's them

  22. Handy Cap says:

    Some folks simply do not have enough to do. Meanwhile Portland is still burning here on 1-21-2021!

  23. TLOofMPLS says:

    So, does this mean they're trying to "cancel" Queens now?!

    Little kid: "look that wild sjw is eating another sjw?!"

    Parent "yes, its disgusting. They eat their own!"

  24. Joss Ackland's Spunky Backpack says:

    "you want equality my lady? Then YOU pick up a fcuking sword and go fight off those vikings!"

  25. ForceM1782 says:

    But "Black Jack" is racist anyway! Can we not call it "Jack of Color"?
    Sorry, couldn't resist…

  26. scott mckinney says:

    Nice try pink hairs! However "Spade" is still a racial slur. Back to the drawing board bigots!

  27. BNuts says:

    YAMI YUGI: My turn. I summon Gold's Knight, and with Silver's Knight on the Field I can Special Summon Bronze's Knight in Attack Mode from my Hand!
    SETO: Your WHAT Knights?
    YUGI: I don't know, it's what they're called now.

  28. NastyMenthol says:

    Lol beta boys… sounds like the next superhero franchise if we keep going down this woke road

  29. Human Soul says:

    Such a genius, switching 3 symbols…. genius
    Just stop

  30. The thirsty Sun bro says:

    Jesus, nobody in a normal wheelchair should even consider being an adventurer in D&D because they should know only a brutal death awaits them i mean normal adventurers have a hard enough time as it is but we somehow expect a monster would struggle with brutalizing a handicapped person ridiculous… just use mimics or something as prosthetic legs if you want to be an adventurer.

  31. Keon Violet says:

    Just wait till they go for Yugioh and their sometimes literal Trap cards

  32. Big Bass Lake says:

    Palm Meets Face

  33. Beatzie Graham says:

    How is this inclusive?

    What about Platinum???

  34. DH M says:

    Some of the early decks from 1377 conceived of the suits as 4 nations. In some of these packs the royalty was King, Knight and Page but in other suit-naions it was Queen-Knight-Page. Too bad this idiot from the Netherlands didn't do any study or any thinking.

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