35 thoughts on “POKERBEAST IS BACK! // Poker Vlog 27”
  1. David Cleland says:


  2. Geroge Jackson says:

    I think ur losing money calling lose . that J8 shove was questionable

  3. bl uff says:

    What is that small piece of paper they are handing to people who win big pots?

  4. James Wilson says:

    First hand so weird he bets 10 on the flop. What a weirdo!!! He must be a fish

  5. wAApo says:

    Hey bro! Do you have an IG, Telegram or anyway to get in touch with you?

  6. A Satkowski says:

    I gotta say using an off-color chip to mark stacks into 20's is unique. NEVER seen that, ever. Noticed before, of course, just felt like commenting now. Nobody busting your chops for a "dirty" stack?

  7. Gerry Paredes says:

    Nice win, how did you do in Vegas?

  8. Lun He says:

    nice jam there with J8, even rampage would be proud of that one.

  9. Daniel Longstreth says:

    Hey finally get to see my set of 8s hand!

  10. Gustavo Perez says:

    Good Vlog, bad player

  11. Ty West says:

    I like the move with J8

  12. Ham Syde says:

    What's up Cato!
    PokerBEAST here.

  13. Third Eye Liquidators says:

    Way to take down the win. GG beast

  14. Johnny Evans says:

    Lol…those hands look good but don't play good(Q10off suit). "Our next hand we play is the Qc10c"….Thanks for the great vlog!!

  15. Jed McCullough says:

    How do you win all in preflop with Jack 8?

  16. Dan Pruitt says:

    You need to find a better game.. the hands in this vlog are rediculous and STOP limping either raise or fold. Ace 8 is not a decent raise calling hand out of position, you are not raising enough to keep these bad hands from calling

  17. James McCabe says:

    Hey are you going to update us on how you did and where you played in Vegas? Cheers Kato

  18. mark tito says:

    You consistently get your money in bad. Most of the big pots you win you are put to the test for all or most of your chips but somehow manage a suck out. Your game is based on pure luck.

  19. JULIUS R says:

    it would be nice to see WHAT THE OPPONENT HAVE.

  20. MURM Skateboarding says:

    My fav poker vlogger!!

  21. Jon Van Denover says:

    Hey Cato- I went to Jamul and played last Friday. I made sure to let the pit-boss know I was there because I watch your Vlogs. He was very appreciative for the info. and said he would pass it along to the manager. Seems like you guys have a good thing going. Booked a $400 win over 3 hours of play. The dealers were nice and the game was good. I'll go back soon.

  22. dublinsouls says:

    QQ hand is interesting. Did you put it through a solver? Had to give up on the river, but i wonder how an overbet on the turn would do against his range. It's probably a check but at higher stakes maybe…….

  23. Audrey Williams says:

    I have a question pls? Am playing casino 1/3, what info should I be recording to assess my play? I don't have any tracker apps.

  24. Tim Hodges says:

    Hey man hope Vegas treated you well and that you ran deep. Glad to see your back. Cheers

  25. tigerskob says:

    Are you getting 1/1 coaching from anyone, or from anyone at crush live?

  26. Joe Lazar says:

    You should have won $150 more checking back the queens and folding to a bet on the river

  27. evamiaozkan says:

    Hey beast! Surprised to hear about no filming in LV since other vlogs post content from caesars bellagio and flamingo as well as a few others. How did u fare in LV?

  28. Eshootzi Scrs says:

    Few notes on the Q10 hand.
    Wtf? Just talked about how this was a bad hand to play in position, now we want to play oop? Learn anything on the other hand?
    So we flop trips. Great. If we check call it looks really really strong to the better. But what if it checks around and comes AA on turn and river?

    So the point I most want to make here is this.
    You have a player who only has $82 in his stack and this isn't worth mentioning as part of the original decision?

    This is a key factor in the hand. He's behind you or in front. You limp he jams you…..? Are in a shit spot.

    However, had you actually been aware of his stack size and provided you know the rules of the room.
    Many casinos and card rooms allow the getting to be re opened if the raise is more than half the bet.
    Lead out for just under 2/3 opponents stack.
    Let's say you bet $54, the short stack will likely not put you on a 10 since as you've shown, many players would check that.
    He shouldn't just call, sometimes he will but in many ways that's ok
    Just like a delayed bet you can also do a delayed check.
    Give both opponents another chance after you feign weakness.
    But if it works, your bet looks kind of weak like a draw/ blocker bet. The person with the short stack is getting a good price but isn't often just calling. Not enough behind.
    Your weak bet and the small all in can draw the third player in.
    If he raises, you can put him on something big, maybe even a 10. If he falls you are almost always good unless he's dragging you along and oh well you're probably going broke here anyway.
    So with your $54 bet and the jam to $82 the rase is $28 exactly $1 above half of your raise.
    Now the pot that started as $120 just got $164 plus your $54, $218.
    A raise of $240 is pretty standard, 3x the bet and you could even go more to include the call. So $300 to all in, isolate and try to fold out the other players equity.
    Going all in might not be the best play, a flush draw will get to see both cards for one price allowing them to realize their equity. Likely if they have a flush draw they will still call the turn, going to be to short to price them out but it could get a fold from someone conserving their stack.

    This is a play like limping AA from UTG that relies on others to play along.
    The big difference is, money already in the pot and rather than just inducing you incentive and to some extent force the short stack to work for you.
    Otherwise, playing a speculative marginal hand from the sb when one of the players doesn't give you any implied odds to speak of……not sure it's profitable long term. Just don't see you flopping sets often enough. Too hard to get paid from oop, just bad play really.
    Show me you can outplay the table consistently post flop and I'd say limp any two if they want to limp, call the top 70% if it's multiway for small opens.
    So far you've gotten lucky with J8 and unlucky with QQ, pretty even with AK. I'm not seeing the post flop advantage that makes me think, and it's just me, that you should be opening up to play more pots oop.
    This flop is a fluke, that your in with a short stack is a mistake especially since you aren't using it. He happened to call after you did but you aren't in the lead and possible you really aren't in the lead at all.
    Not sure what you're hoping for out of a flop but it can't be much more than this. If you aren't ready to get it in on the flop …hoping for a 2 5 runout so A4 suited can win?
    Clubs become less likely since we see 4 and the calls might suggest at least two more are out.
    Surely we will see A10 and K10 here often enough but that's why we don't get caught in the middle playing Q10.
    We are past that now and either we fold to any bets or we go with the hand. This decision is about to be made on the turn.
    That's also where I paused the video so I have no idea what happens.
    I'm going with the hand and not checking the 9 on the turn. Worst case I expect to have 3 outs and often more.
    But see this is all impossible to really say because I'm not there. I can't see who's comfortable, nervous…I haven't seen their tendencies, their patterns, no baseline.
    I wouldn't have gotten involved with a short stack oop unless I was going to use it to my advantage.
    Short stack, out of position, multiway, marginal hand.
    And what exactly do you have on your side? The flop hot you well. So nothing until the flop and now you have immense reverse implied odds playing an excessively bloated pot.
    I'm sure it works out, you included it. But realistically, you normally just threw away the original call and are waiting to see what happens.
    Don't be here.

    Just some thoughts

    Congrats, and yes just shove the turn or check, it's really irrelevant. Pot odds say your opponent won't fold but at least if an A or K hits the river you could check fold…….lol, or not.

    Luck and stupidity walk hand in hand.
    It's a long walk.
    Luck runs out.
    Stupidity is endless.

    You got all in pre with J8, stupid, you got lucky.
    You lost with QQ, luck runs out.
    You got in with Q10 from the sb with a short stack player and flopped trips against something strong enough to call……luck and?

    Hope you don't get offended, I'm giving my thoughts not telling you how to play.
    Just my thoughts, take from them what value you find.
    And get some rest, your voice says you're playing in less than optimal condition.

  29. Pat Ocall says:

    Good stuff, on the queens hand I can clearly see the guy has an Ace as his bottom card, maybe it's the angle from the phone but if people want to show their hand I'll sure look

  30. FROZEM is COLD says:

    welcome back PB

  31. Christian Aaron says:

    8 was good. Gotta love that

  32. Eshootzi Scrs says:

    Wtf, very next hand AK UTG. Last time I got too many callers so I'll limp raise.
    Why not take control rather than counting gonna table full of passive players. Of course they all limp with you.
    Next time try $25 or $35. Protect your position.
    I don't mind limping AK but don't do it expecting others to work for you. You'll get raises but then what? Fold to a check raise or call. What are they raising with?
    Really gonna call a jam and hopefully flip for stacks again.
    Pick red or black, you have the same odds.
    Anyway let's see how we use this image now.
    Just some thoughts

  33. Eshootzi Scrs says:

    I just feel compelled to point this out.
    At 2:33 hero says, now we are heading in the right direction.
    Mind you, this is right after we pushed all in into a multiway pot holding J8( but they were suited). We are putting $200 stacks in pre multiway with any two……and this is the right direction?
    Roulette pays better odds of you just want to gamble. And btw, there are only 36 ways to lose there.
    J8 has pretty good odds…..against what? Dog to over cards, way behind over pairs, like maybe 40% against nines and tens, really bad against any better J
    And a coin flip against under pairs. For what odds? Slightly better than even money.

    I gotta question this line of thought.
    Just some thoughts

  34. Eshootzi Scrs says:

    Congrats, your self promotion got a shout out from D'Negs.

  35. kg says:

    love this channel………because he is not very good…….it is entertaining……

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