6 thoughts on “Premier League Poker Combined Sport Championship EP4 | Full Episode | Match Poker | partypoker”
  1. Hans Wurst says:

    I wish i would have been born earlier…what an abysmal level of play

  2. Trevor Mckenzie says:

    Mike had to double take his hand, look at Mike face after he shows the 7s, lol.

  3. 2007kb says:

    Love Mike Sextons look when He turned up his trip 7’s. Like what the hell are u doing??!.. Lol
    Miss u Mike!

  4. Martin Zamani says:

    Awesome upload. Thanks

  5. TheMrMerijn says:

    RIP Mike Sexton

  6. Mark Garin says:

    NLH and PLH are hardly two different games

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