25 thoughts on “🔴 PREMIERE of 2021's NEWEST Slot Machines together with BUFFALO LINK!!”
  1. DFDalton1962 says:

    Is the Timberwolf Legends exactly like the original Timberwolf – exact same symbols, same pay tables, same bonus round? I wish you had played it. The new Aristocrat games – which have supplanted my favorite old school Timberwolf – are atrocious and I've vowed never to go back to the casino again unless they bring back something like the original games, where you actually stood SOME chance of winning. Aristocrat has mastered the art of milking the "good will" they built up with the old games, but I've had it with them. Total garbage the way Aristocrat has played bait and switch with their endless permutations of their classic games that pay NOTHING, but lure you in with expectations they'll behave at least somewhat similarly to the originals. Extremely irksome on the new iterations of the Buffalo games is how the sunsets are almost always 2X, whereas before it seemed like more of a 50/50 chance at getting a 3X. It's funny watching people playing these things screaming out for a 3X and it's ALWAYS 2X. 27X with 3 sunsets is next to impossible.

  2. Sharon Steele says:

    Beautiful machines.. now if they would only pay like they are doing in the demo.. wish you would have played the minimum so we can see how that pays out .not everyone can afford to play high end and large amounts..

  3. Commecita Mooer says:

    Looking forward to the new Buffalo links. I have never seen a multiplier on the last reel either.


    I want to play in the showroom 🙂 Is that even possible for the average person with no casino or youtube connections?

  5. JonesDylan874 says:

    I like this! Buffalo and Dragon Link COMBINED! I've always wanted to see this!

  6. Ryan says:

    $6k for a $10 bet…they really have those juiced don't they

  7. Meya’s Coins says:

    Nice new game Brian.

  8. spartygrad89 says:

    So the games you got to play with virtual money actually hit big time, imagine that. Fun to see them, just comical that they all hit huge when it doesn't cost them anything.

  9. Kathy Jo Steger says:

    I hope "Boyd" at The Diamond Jo in Dubuque, Iowa puts these new machines in 🙂

  10. Monica Lillich says:

    WHY do we see you? Other slot videos do NOT have constant real time of the person taking the video. Can you at least minimize yourself on the screen? We know what you look like dude. We do appreciate that you are adorable.but we know that alright already 🙂

  11. Yolanda Lopez says:

    I can't wait to see the new Buffalo games in the casino this yr 2021!!

  12. arcadian mystic says:

    WAS THAT 17K promo that can not be taken off or did u put that in? and do u get to keep what u win? are you on a time limit do you get to play all the games on that legend? we NEED/WANT more info……

  13. Harvey Lattray says:

    When will this Buffalo Link be available to play?

  14. eeyore HH says:

    Brian, i hope you're feeling well. You seem a little sad to me today

  15. eeyore HH says:

    Where are the real legends like Queen of the Nile, Pinguin Pays or.Geisha????

  16. ross mcleod says:

    What good is playing a machine that is paying out 4 times as often as when the casino gets it, you can't assess it you are only being conned by it

  17. Don W says:

    Im hoping that the machines will play similar to the video here…that the mfr didnt have them loose intentionally for demo purposes..
    if the games play like the video though…I think triple Fortune Dragon has some serious competition with this version of Buffalo…

  18. Cynthia Jordan says:

    You know once they open in April they won't be paying out like that.

  19. Catherine Alexander says:

    Is that real money for you or play money

  20. Cathy Castiglione says:

    I agree- I have never seen a multiplier on Buffalo in the last reel! Thanks for showcasing

  21. Star Lam says:

    Great video love the new slots

  22. 3ofAkindSLOTS says:

    I can see people fighting over that Buffalo game lol

  23. Lee Blanchard says:

    They are poppies I believe

  24. Ali Batam says:

    Mau live chat lama amat nunggu di slot direct

  25. Jolly Medalle says:

    Hi BC can you play 88 fortune.

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