32 thoughts on “💥🙀💥 Profitable At Ho Chunk On line casino on FREE SLOT PLAY! 💥🙀💥”
  1. bigini virginie says:

    It's time to rob all of the vegas casinos, love you Kitty

  2. Cheryl Johnson says:


  3. L. G says:

    DID He? did he jus . . . . wth did he jus say bags of crap!!!!!

  4. Harvey Lattray says:

    Great wins.

  5. picture123 says:

    Wild Taxi is hard to find these days…fun game especially the bonus!

  6. Austin Seder says:

    I’m writing to Rockstar Games to tell them to make the “ring a ding cowboy” part of Red Dead Redemption 2…..

  7. Dan Krist says:

    I refuse to play any game that calls a 18 dollar win a “jackpot”. It’s insulting. To add to that the symbols 9,10,J,Q,K and A screams laziness.

  8. achillies40 says:

    If I don’t get called a Sack of Crap at least once a day, I didn’t feel complete.

  9. Emerc80 says:

    Ride that pony

  10. Sara Herrera says:

    I have one of those bracelets

  11. gail mcadoo says:

    Your so Fucking funny you make day when I'm sad.

  12. Edward Clay says:

    Fuck I don't know shud be a comedy stand up as well so funny SD love yaa MBRO

  13. Mark Waddell says:

    I went gambling for the first time since i started watching SDGuy. And I caught myself in a small room with 5 other ppl. Saying i poke your eyes.. And i helps you spin the wheel. Among other things… I was the only one talking and wasnt being quiet about it. Lmao I does make it more fun. I'll never stop
    Btw this was a little class 2 place. Bc the closest casino to me is at least an hour and it kind of sucks the closest good one is 2.5 hours away. So with only having $100 it wasn't worth driving that far. If I can ever get back on my feet again I'll take $500 and stick to the damn rules at a real casino!

  14. Mark Waddell says:

    I played monopoly today but a different version. After $80 I finally got the dice bonus u roll dice then whatever u land on has a number thats the # of free spins you get I got 20. I was betting $4 a spin. U get to pick a character every spin gives u a multiplier or wild reel. I got 5x and wild reel almost everytime. Guess how much i won… $2.82 I was so pissed..

  15. Jacob Brown says:

    You and that pony thing people see you and think your crazy but i love it screw them!!! LOL

  16. Wombotchi News says:

    ringer DING!!!!!! Hey SD YAY [email protected]@@

  17. Vadim Lazurko says:

    Dude I'm watching u for a year now. And fucking love your attitude and how u play

  18. Debra Sampson says:

    King of Slots! Your flipping skillz is amazing!

  19. niko spinella says:

    the karate kid!

  20. Gary Lukas says:

    AWESOME !!! 500 double !!!!

  21. Carol Johnson says:

    Real estate man!$! Get the deed!!!!

  22. Christine Benson says:

    One day I turned $225 in freeplay and $100 bonus cash from the casino into two handpays! The first was $1,400 on Timberwolf Gold $6 max bet only 5 gold heads collected. The second was $1,700 on Mighty Cash $7.50 bet dimes.

  23. ronny k says:


  24. Carol Johnson says:

    I love it instantly win two times!!!! Ring. Ding a ding!!!!!

  25. Tyron Megawatts says:

    Couldn’t lose today at MGM .

  26. Uriel Orozco says:

    Someone just won over a million in that monopoly game recently

  27. IslayToMuch says:

    Is it just me or do you also want to see SD get 999 on that 75 dollar slot all the way to the max, his reaction at 20 is crazy can imagine it at 75 lol

  28. Mark Rutgers says:

    Ty sd…makes my drives home much better…great grand fanizzle….

  29. Richard Brook says:

    Brian Christopher wristband… Fanboi…

  30. woo hoo says:

    Good luck Dude. Too vulgar. God Bless You

  31. J S says:

    Looking good Brian .

  32. John Aresco says:


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