19 thoughts on “Profitable Flips is Enjoyable! – WPT $5K Day 1A (Poker Vlog)”
  1. Chris says:

    The N word should not be used bleep it or cut it out

  2. J best says:

    Joey is the mush in all of us

  3. Andrew Kilbourne says:

    I like the supporting characters – The Mush, Tom, Landon, Katie, your Dad. Makes this vlog stand out from the others

  4. Casey jones says:

    "… I had a full house draw so u had to call." Joey the mush is a blackhole for bankrolls. God he sucks at everything eh?

  5. Jeffrey Epstein says:

    Did joey bust the $600? Or he waiting on a day 2

  6. SkyDivine Divine says:

    Best poker vlog

  7. Martin says:

    he had a poker face like a Botox on Valium.

  8. Boom Baba says:

    Why aren't you working for Barstool sports by now?

  9. James C says:

    He's got that real poker face nagga! Yey yea!

  10. Rodney Grifka says:

    can I pre-order the "SUSH A MUSH" hoodie in 4xl ?

  11. Kyle Greenway says:

    Algorithm Booster!

  12. Bobby Bigballs says:

    Ur a legend

  13. Jesse Simoneau says:

    Dude, it totally threw me off, and impressed me when you properly broke down the hands, not as comical when it's a 5k buy-in!! StayGolden Homie, love your stuff!!

  14. Joseph Decesare says:

    U better fucking win Ryan I bet two homeless men a coffee on u don’t disappoint them

  15. Austin Hill Hill says:

    What did the mush cash for?

  16. Steven Davis says:

    I set time out of my day to make sure I can give your video complete concentration. I like, I comment, I enjoy and I also click ads.

    Really hope you’re able to post more someday but for now, I really appreciate the content and try to make sure you get PAIDDD by dem ads.

  17. Ian Marderness says:

    Bruh the mush did the one responsible thing, NEVER bring your debit card to the casino. That way you never gamble more than you intend to. Only can lose what you bring.

    If you even think about taking a credit card advance, shame on you, get help.

  18. ajswital says:

    That guy definitely was going to rob you.

  19. JC3 says:

    Your evolution is clear from even a year ago. More clinical and immersed in the action, getting that eye of the tiger level.

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