27 thoughts on “Profitable Most When Hand Goes Precisely In accordance To Plan!! Poker Vlog Ep 140”
  1. Andrew Pahut says:

    Hey Brad, I just wanna say that I am a 21 year old kid who loves poker. I was inspired to study, learn, and play the game responsibly by you and it means a lot. I hope to one day meet you and Neeme at a game or otherwise. Keep up the wonderful content.

  2. bewarebigbro says:

    When you pour a beer, you have to open up the tap 100% or the lines are dirty.

  3. Lee Miller says:

    If Brad and Andrew ever ended their friendship, it would really affect me.

  4. suzy prieto says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the guy in Vegas that made custom tables – Brad had him on the show a while back. TIA. And thanks for another great show!

  5. Matt B says:

    Respect. Is poker your main gig?

  6. blank ontheriver says:

    "I'm bi winning now what?"…I have no idea what happened in the vlog after that comment, thanks for the good laugh. Happy New Year to you and Andrew.

  7. Alexander Cairns says:

    Seems like you don’t really understand what bipolar means. Probably best to avoid those kind of jokes

  8. Stephen Loeber says:

    Sometimes if you are up big time you could leave table get a meal and start again…………… Say you are starving and say "I'll be back" in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.
    Steve from Missouri

  9. Anthony Kobel says:

    End of keg or too much CO2 will give you too much foam

  10. John Radetsky says:

    I Lol'd at your hope of the AC cranking up and blowing all of the cards face up hahah

  11. Timothy Norville says:

    What was the music playing in the background of the intro clip? it sounds like something from Persona 5

  12. Norm Nusbaum says:

    Looking forward to the brewery!!!

  13. Chan Weien says:

    Hey brad, knowing that you are a good buddy of Andrew, why is he not uploading any poker vlogs? Do you mind to share?

  14. Alex True says:

    Man, I've watched may be 20 or 30 of your videos. Without doubt, u r doing a very good job by making them. But for me all this looks like something that does not have any common with real poker. I've been playing for over 15 years, both offline and online, I'm a winning player and have postitive stats on every poker room I played and in offline games and MTTs, so as u can guess, I know what poker is. Through all of the period I've been playing I saw manu upswings and downswings of different players and experienced them myself.
    Now what am I trying to say?
    1) I havent seen any episode where u ended the session by losing (probably there is one, but I havent seen any). It's really strange. No matter how good u r and how bad ur opponents r. I played many cash sessions with the sweetest fishes, but still at least 1 out of 7-8 sessions there was a bad one. It's impossible to leave table with profit every time. Because poker is also about dispersion and bad beats.
    2) Very seldom when u r dealt AK-AQ hands u have a part of that flop or the board is super safe for C-betting. Where r the hands "We have AhKh, we 3bet, we got two callers and the flop comes 8d9d10d"? When u have small pocket pairs it looks like the odds of hitting a set r 1 out of 2-3 times) not 1 out of 8 like it should be. There r sessions in poker when u r dealt like 20-30 pocket pairs in 4-5 hours and still cant hit a single set.
    3) Where r coolers or huge bad beats? Hands like "We r all-in with AK on K72rr flop in a 3bet pot, but that mazafaka shows a set of 7's!" These situations r absolutely real, but I still havent seen any) The only bad beat I can remember is in the video above (AK vs KT).

    Now, please, understand me right. I'm not trying to say smth bad about u or accuse u of smth. My main thought is that ur vlog does not have much of a common with real grind. No losing sessions, very little of bad beats or coolers, too many ideal flops when u have smth. It really looks very unnatural for those who have played for a long time. I dont know, may be u try not to include nonprofitable sessions, bad beats or missed flops in ur videos).
    Hope u got me right and my words sound not abusive) GL and best of luck at tables, man!;)
    p.s. sorry for bad English, not my native)

  15. Dean Michelini says:

    Another great video! Love the ending!

  16. J Rose says:

    Still wasting your life playing cards ?

  17. Si Am says:

    Is it just me, or does Neeme look super awkward after seeing the camera @ 12:10 ?

  18. Junior mozza says:

    Love the videos

  19. Mason Worley says:

    I love the episodes, I hope I can get some Bradley dollars one day

  20. Elmer Walter says:

    A great name for the brewery would be Mugs

  21. Nick Valentino says:

    FYI: 1 in the hole and 3 on the board is 4-of-a-kind…not quads.

  22. Sebastian Jeanes says:

    what does 2/5 mean?

  23. sa.r says:

    "winning maximum"
    profits 85$

  24. chris g says:

    Having a hard time following your video.. that mole and lips.. can u paint some bigger lips man.. sorry but it's just too distracting and I can't take u serious.

  25. Veronica Page says:

    O hey look it’s Andrew. Where he been hiding. Hasn’t made a video in forever!

  26. Nolan Bad Heart Bull says:

    Make your way to LIVE AT THE BIKE!!!!

  27. James Quach says:

    what blinds is the table?

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