14 thoughts on “Protecting the streak alive! Blissful Face Holdem Poker vLog #29”
  1. Evan Stuart-Paul says:

    Hey Great Vid! Ive been making some 1/3 vlogs myself. Unfortunate seeing an ace high board with pocket kings it always happens!!

  2. Bubba Bartelt says:

    Lol. Love the vlog 'not going anywhere with Aces'. I think you played it good on the safe side because I was thinking he may have had a king. A wins a win though. That really quick bet by him I think he was messing with you.

  3. Rhymes With Carbon says:

    Did the same thing with AA last night on almost exactly the same flop and got owned by KK. Villain Donked on the flop. Max value with quads.

  4. Stratos Nicolaidis says:

    i thought u moved.. so u dont live near the happy face hill anymore

  5. robert germono says:


  6. Vito C says:

    Thought your played the As hand fine although me personally I would have not opened the hand.
    Keep it up! You've been killing it with positive winning sesssions!

  7. John Ferreira says:

    How can you forget Jeff? CMON MAN

  8. Chris says:

    Love the vlog! How often do you play?

  9. Fish Poker says:

    I smashed the subscribe button and didn't break my phone

  10. Robert A. says:

    The hand with aces is tough it's true what you said he donk leads into 4 players that's pretty strong but I think a raise on the turn would've been good

  11. Robert A. says:

    Awesome video glad to see you booking these dubs!!!!

  12. Joel Bernal says:

    Ocean's Eleven,I played there yesterday and the games(structure) better than Commerce Bike the Gardens.

  13. Dac Gours says:


  14. Jeff Haberman says:


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