45 thoughts on “Punish the Tilting Participant – Kyle Fischl Poker Vlog Ep 76”
  1. Ольга Беркалина says:

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  2. Sir Judge says:

    First time watcher. One of the better Poker Vlogs I've seen lately and your play is hella SOLID! (I wouldn't want to play against you) Only glitch is I didn't know what the stakes/structure was.

  3. Complete Wash 86 says:

    Is it new video day yet

  4. 386mgar says:

    Awesome to see a vlogger local I play at the Daytona card room been awhile since I’ve been to orange city action way better in orange city !!

  5. Mike Bukowski says:

    Argh another Mouse

  6. Phong Giang says:

    Let me get some money f$$ker???????

  7. John Fish says:

    Hello World and you are back! Poor form with the late kings to roll up on the "final hand of note". However, as always I love your Vold … best one on the net … and now I'm going off to watch "Hook."

  8. SlimShady 76 says:

    With the AJ on flop u should just jam on his 75 since he's short. U rep queen or a set and it's good chance he folds.

  9. Eduardo Bissoli says:

    this place needs new chips….

  10. Skor Uno says:

    Howro rorld

  11. Bob Curtis says:

    I wish you would let us know what size of game you are in. 1 /3, 2 / 5, 5 / 10 & so on.

  12. Ramr0d23 says:

    Just finished watching you climb out of a hole on the livestream, well done!

  13. Corey Simmons says:

    “Right now, it’s important that you go above and give this video another view”

  14. Aztec Warrior says:

    I don't know about other watching but that part where you shows the bear and chips. Not interested. Wasted seconds.

  15. Vader...You Seek Vader! says:

    HaHa! AA broke your open ended straight draw 10's.

  16. Mark Little says:

    When is the livestream?

  17. John Gilbert says:

    Best analysis of all the vloggers – really enjoy your thought process.

  18. Happy Face Holdem says:

    Another great session! Appreciate the analysis as always. And I just realized, y'all don't have to play behind Plexi!!!

  19. Donovan Anglin says:

    Slow rolling is so disrespectful

  20. David Shah says:

    I can say i have seen all 76. Will say I miss you introducing the "First hand of note." You can't just drop your opening catchphrase on us!!

  21. Ian McClellan says:

    Fischel is the GOAT of 80s/90s Movies Integration. HOOK is a great one. I'd love to see some of the following:
    Kindergarten Cop
    Suburban Commando
    Brain Donors
    Point Break (Unless it's already been used?!)
    Any of the Bill & Teds

  22. Peter Choi says:

    This has to be the most fun episode. Excellent!! Loving the action. Keep up the good work.

  23. Adam Peer says:

    I didn’t hate your line in the KQ o hand. Also depends on player type. I think a check call on the river would be better just because you give his pair plus straight draw hands, middling pair hands, and turned flush draw hands the opportunity to Bluff. When he only has 400 effective going to the river, which is less than the size of the pot, depending on the player type, I think I like a check call, unless it’s an OMC or a player who NEVER bluffs. I could also be totally wrong as he may just check back a weak king. Like I said, I don’t hate your line there.

  24. Big Mike is talking says:

    Nice win. Thanks for posting.

  25. joey p says:

    I don't hate the KcQc jam at all. The raise was enough for fold equity and blocks combos of AK AQ and KK QQ obviously. Most often that hand is flipping against a pair if called. Some opponents would fold Ah10h in that spot even.

  26. Alex Hirsch says:

    I think you roll the dice on the river with KQ and go into check-call mode. Just my two cents

  27. Travmasta500 says:

    Literally just subscribed cause I laughed so hard at the hook references

  28. Anthony Carchidi 3rd says:

    Are you allowed to bring the chips home and let you dogs chew on them, then return them? Covid is the least thing you have to worry about touching those things.

  29. Leonardo Brown says:

    Good luck at Jax tomorrow bro!

  30. Robert Luke says:

    Not criticizing. But dont forget to add the thumb point to yourself when you say your name is Kyle. It’s part of your trademark

  31. Zelcey says:

    the chips look horrible.. but I love your content!

  32. Angelo Perez says:

    dude are people chewing on the chips at your casino lol

  33. Walking Man says:

    Always punish the person on tilt

  34. mike Vincent says:

    What day will you be on best bet?

  35. phoenixSoundbyte says:

    Book a win! Yessir!

  36. NikeMike80 says:

    Very nice usage of the Hook clips!

  37. Rene says:

    Love your content Kyle. The funny hook clips had me rolling, but more importantly your hand breakdowns are consistently informative and entertaining. Thank you.

  38. Kalay Kalay says:

    New name for you is “Will Call”

  39. Doug McCusker says:

    Nice session, glad to see you winning!

  40. Sean Austin says:

    You should show all the mickeys you’ve used in past videos

  41. Kev Stacks says:

    Stacked an opponent on Saturday thanks to this vlog. Thanks for the great content Kyle!

  42. David James says:

    How did you start your roll

  43. David Michael says:

    Would anyone call if you’re out of position:
    If you’re answer I’d yes slap yourself
    – ACR

  44. Darkogazza says:

    I like Kyle's videos, but damn if those chips don't look GROSS. The casino should really improve that.

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