30 thoughts on “Qi Cash Trick! Dishonest The On line casino! – Stardew Valley”
  1. Guilherme Moraes says:

    Not working…

  2. Omega Haxors says:

    Updated guide: Wear two luck rings, wait for a best-luck day, eat a lucky lunch, drink ginger ale, then spam 100.

  3. Omega Haxors says:

    Lmao Pokemon Red has better RNG than the old casino had!

  4. Freya the Cat says:

    I came to watch this video while playing the slots. Hit triple star drops and stopped playing the slots.

  5. Evan Swan says:

    Which one of us is going to have to make a macro?

  6. Tired Clemont says:

    Way to cheat the casino: this video.
    Another way: Install an autoclicker, keep betting 10 and just walk away from the computer.

  7. TheLowten says:

    You can get to the desert anytime with teliport pillers

  8. Joel Davidoff says:

    It's patched now

  9. Cool Rabbit says:


  10. the red gal says:

    I just put everything down on the 1000 qi blackjack and won (nearly) everytime.

  11. Reaper O War says:

    There's a casino?

  12. Brady B says:

    I just bought 1000 and left an autoclicker on the bet 10 until I got to 10000 then left the autoclicker on the bet 100. Its really hard to lose money on the slot machines

  13. soap says:

    i got lucky once and got 3 stardrops and bought 999 hardwood fences from the shop and never had to go back to the casino again

  14. Minikittyplayz says:

    quick question:does this trick still work?

  15. alecoloxa says:

    I just got the 3 purple ones! ( you can only do that much with all that money)

  16. rigdigwus says:

    sadly this got patched now, but the casino now slightly favours the player instead of the casino

  17. CharlieGreen says:

    I wonder if this still works

  18. Gaming Geckos says:

    0:21 Desert warp totem: "Am I a joke to you?"

    (Although, I think the desert warp totem was added after this video…)

  19. Moryun says:

    WTF I played it like 10 times and got the stardrop holy

  20. Tia Marie Landstedt says:

    “CJB. Cheats menu can be your life in Stardew valley”

  21. emily thompson says:

    2 years later, can’t find a pattern AT ALL, somehow hits 3 shells twice, kept betting 100 and later hit star fruit jackpot. Started with 2600, now I have 282100…all in one go. (The luckiest day+lucky lunch)

  22. Cotoi says:

    The method doesn't work anymore, just go there in a lucky day, buy 300 coins, constantly bet 10 untill you get to 200, then just spam 100. got 430k in the first day and one 3 star.

  23. Neptwo says:

    Forget about the patterns, just go on a lucky day, get about 500-100 coins and start betting 100s. I got 50k instantly, and 20k right after

  24. Action Reaction says:

    It doesn’t work me at all lol no patterns either lol maybe it’s a luck thing? Like some farms have patterns and others don’t cuz my was soooo random compared to you.*

  25. Pika 5321_X says:

    Doe sthis still work

  26. Nick Heebsh says:

    Idk if there is any perfect way to predict wins and losses. I bet 10 until I lose 3 times in a row or get a win. Then I bet 100. Turned 500 into 12k in about 20 minutes. Didn't waste too many wins on 10s. Parsnips come up twice in a row a lot for me also.

  27. Leonardo Pereira says:

    it's weird for me because nowadays we have the desert totem
    im just dumb

  28. Addie Mason says:

    How do you get the movie theater? Is that a mod or….?

  29. Geeky Ninja says:

    you can get to beach before 9am with warp totems

  30. Alpha_Torvar says:

    Can anyone confirm if this still works???

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