28 thoughts on “RACING YOGI BEAR TO BET MAX $4.80!!!! — New Las Vegas On line casino Slot Machine Freeplay Friday Bonus Win”
  1. Elisha says:

    That game had alot going on, the hearts, the wheel bonus, the picnic basket, and Yogi running by.

  2. Diane Zappa says:

    Thanks, this looks like a fun game. Good luck!

  3. Hennrik Karlsson says:

    I hope you play the Willy Wonka machine in a future video.

  4. Rosie Q Slots says:

    Awesome session

  5. David Mansfield says:

    ❤ u 2, VLR!

  6. clarityjane31 says:


  7. Sabrina Scott says:

    Seems like a fun game. Thank you for the video!

  8. Cees Van der Schoot says:

    Keep honour too your name Lowroller then u will be lucky i guess. 100profit is good can always try other game , but next time i hope u have more luck when u try things like this.

  9. chelseafn10 says:

    When do you start playing Max bet ? You say you are but I never see it.

  10. Will Orendain says:

    Are the hearts for the jackpot? Like coins sometimes do on other machines? I haven't been to the Cosmo in so long. There's lots of new machines I haven't seen. I wish there was a Seinfeld machine somewhere I love that mancine

  11. carl blumenstock says:

    As Yogi Bear would say, you're smarter than the average slot player!

  12. Terry Lo says:

    Very cool! TGIF!!

  13. Red Mitchell says:

    "I got big baskets"!!, LOL! You're still the best!!

  14. Rebecca Shain says:

    Wow. That game was teasing hard.

  15. Jeff Tackett says:

    I found our how to remove them

  16. George Petit says:

    Hey I am still watching durham city U.K. good luck

  17. deborah perryman says:

    Fun game, thanks for sharing

  18. Pizzles Tech Time says:

    Thanks for the video! Love you!

  19. Daniel Reyes says:

    My heart is broken a little bit lol

  20. Matt Cardarelli says:

    Im going to Vegas 2 weeks from today! Where will you be? I wanna meet you!!

  21. Catherine Linder says:

    Very nice. Congrats!

  22. Daniel McHale says:

    Montgomery burns says excellent

  23. Trevor Romero says:

    U got me on the dollarinoes lol love it booked me and the wife a trip to the strat the end of July enjoy the videos man keep it up

  24. Robert Forsey says:

    Thank you so much, great way to start the weekend my friend!!

  25. Peacemaker1096 says:

    Yaba daba dooo!

  26. OH NO SHE DIDN'T !!! says:

    I love the videos like I said you are my favorite YouTube gambler can we squeeze two videos out of you a day please and can you please do mom's epic comebacks ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. poisoncurls says:


  28. Marshall J says:


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