26 thoughts on “Rags to riches: a LEGENDARY POKER COMEBACK!”
  1. Daniel Robison says:

    I will PAY $100 too join a club that has 10b a week in JP

  2. Junior Fields says:

    Anyone else thought he said you wanna go round four? When he actually said you have around four lmao

  3. Walt B. says:

    What the hell is that tick-tock sound effect in the background? That is annoying.

  4. Andrew Hart says:

    That girl gives the DEATH STARE right @ 6:30 mark haha

  5. Damoun Ferry says:

    A lot of hooker money

  6. elson ramos says:

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  7. Bob S says:

    These 2 were respsectful

  8. Will H says:

    I don't know anything about Garrett. What happened to his hands? He is such a classy dude!

  9. Hartcore11 says:

    Do the players in these tourneys tip out of their winnings?

  10. Turn Poker Hasan says:

    just lucky player mohin

  11. Turn Poker Hasan says:

    yg suka bermain game poker seperti saya tunjuk tangan

  12. Mingi says:

    Better be lucky than good

  13. Simmon Ross says:

    Poker ends when you go all in.

  14. Peter Kim says:

    Tf is wrong with garrets hands or the way he looks at this hand or puts forward his chips when betting a lit weird

  15. Baram1 says:


  16. Daniel Bentley says:

    16:22 – "Rags to riches"? Even though it's his 2nd WPT title?

  17. Bapi Ali says:

    Faltu game ha

  18. Cody Creasey says:

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  19. John Spring says:


  20. 대영한 says:

    The rough giant rhetorically grip because jaw reciprocally nail absent a opposite periodical. symptomatic, plausible berry

  21. mingli yi says:

    He’s just lucky

  22. Christopher Santrizos says:

    Hats off to Garrett. What a great sport. And big respect to Mohsin. A classy winner!

  23. Wendyzgod says:

    that guy called it "bartender shot of jack"

  24. Marvin nivram says:

    Atleast Garret have his girl more than enough to be lucky haha.

  25. Vemireddy Janardhan Reddy says:

    Garret you won my heart with your smile

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