21 thoughts on “Rain Man – On line casino Scene”
  1. JAY DOOLIES says:

    i cant do this my sibling has no skills wotsoeva

  2. ZN says:

    The line about "there's noone in the world that can count into a six deck shoe" has always confused me. The larger the shoe, the less frequently the cards are shuffled/changed out, the MORE counting helps the player. Wouldn't someone working on the script have caught that?

  3. Go Home and get your shinebox says:

    Paulie get the hammer!

  4. Michael Taylor says:

    Dustins finest role

  5. No One says:

    "lets not attract attention
    Proceeds to attract all attention

  6. Kevin Dyer says:

    Tom Cruz smoking?

  7. Richard Soos says:

    240 p

  8. jgfunk says:

    You took my queen!

    I got ya, bro. There's lots and lots of them.

  9. kay-ash says:

    the ending zoom on his face is kind of scary lol, feel like he could switch to super villain at any moment

  10. Steven Vicino says:

    Who knew? Two of my favorite actors wee such assholes.

  11. thewkovacs says:

    raymond would not have made it through the slots to the casino floor
    people with autism process information differently than the rest of us and the lights and sounds would have been overwhelming to him
    also, they would have been warned about the cross talk

  12. Kit Richardson says:

    So the casino can do things to increase their odds like use multiple decks and give you payouts where you are guaranteed to lose if you play the game they want you to play— and you can’t do things to maximize your chances?

  13. Ty m says:

    Sigh. I haven’t seen clips of this movie in probably 15 years. I immediacy became ill when I thought they looked younger than me. lol. Neat.

  14. Brent Sullivan says:

    I don’t think I need my idiot brother to tell me to hit on a 10 with the dealer is showing a 4…

  15. kommi1974 says:

    This video brought to you by potato.

  16. K _E says:

    Probably the best Vegas commercial ever

  17. MUDSWAT says:

    2:22 what you do when you find out your uncle can count cards…

  18. RaysLeague says:

    When they come down the escalators in matching suits, how come Cruise's pants fit perfectly and Hoffman's pants were baggy. always bugged me

  19. 420 Troll says:

    memorizing what cards are left in the shoe isn't what counting cards is. someone who is counting cards is trying to establish the correct ratio of low cards to high cards left in the shoe. when there are more low cards than high cards left, you bet low. when there are more high cards than low cards, you bet bigger.

    and to be a world class blackjack player you have to know more than just how to properly count cards, you have to have basic strategy memorized and play it perfectly.

  20. arch1e says:

    Yeah…. just brilliant.

  21. Donde Merlin says:

    There was something sad about this movie – Ray was so out of place with everything.
    The brother was trying to interject him into real life but it was impossible.
    He was merely being slightly tortured throughout the entire movie.

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