32 thoughts on “RARE HIT! 💵💵💵LANDING All The WILD REELS On Dragon Bucks Slot Machine!”
  1. endersteveMC says:

    lol I love watching your videos especially with how sexual you make everything. honestly low key blushed when I heard you at 13:20

  2. artvandelay1967 says:

    you were 1 more 'thank you' away from qualifying for Canadian citizenship.

  3. Kosal Hen says:

    Good video good win good skills.

  4. K J says:

    Fantastic run you piece o shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Scott Remillard says:

    Ring a damn fkin ding slore

  6. Becky T says:

    Had the “How Much” video popped up featuring you. Weird.

  7. Mister Weirdman says:

    The fart you did in the elevator last time made me laugh, more farts !!!! And more Wild Life !

  8. Paulie Costa says:

    Well I’m home n I lost again! I hate gambling , I’m done!

  9. ThePickle Weasel says:

    If you don't like this guy then horn noise you

  10. Patrick Kyker says:

    9:17 How much did you miss? The cost of playing less lines. I missed 5 of a kind on Big Red.

  11. Patrick Kyker says:

    8:50 wow

  12. Cursed Wondering says:

    1 line 500 $ grand fanile please

  13. John Gilmore says:

    Thank you sdguy1234 for showing/sharing the less lines method. I wouldn't have realized the potential or received some of the biggest jackpots while playing this method. Crusader king and the enforcer are, in my opinion, the best for that type of betting.

  14. Barry scarlett says:

    $10 bets on dollar lightning link games
    Seems to hit more fetures . than $25

  15. ed jovi says:

    hello brain from ed bon jovi

  16. Paiafoe Ltmailele says:

    Thank you for the FINALE SDGUY 1234

  17. Kj says:

    Some great wins!

  18. Steve Jospeh says:

    This channel use to be so good…

  19. Carol Johnson says:

    Damn you so lucky I love this game also get the deed!!!

  20. Jackpots After Dark says:

    That was a less line clinic. So much winning

  21. Lisa Sunde says:


  22. Retired Chief says:

    Once again those damn Grand Finales don’t pay. Great watching you double and run.

  23. vegas on film says:

    Hi pal

  24. Matt Bailey Plays the Slots! says:

    That's a more than reasonably expected amount of winning!

  25. Jesse bremner says:

    High limit has me like a rock this morning..over a yr now our casino has been closed..vaccinate these old fecks already!

  26. Paulie Costa says:

    I’m on the A train heading to resorts I had better win! Or else !

  27. Hawk Wrangler says:

    That Neptune's games gives out a handpay every weekend.

  28. JIM SCHRUTE says:

    im going to grand falls casino in IA for my bday next thursday wish me luck 1 line method all the way

  29. ITIScott says:

    If only you had another wine glass on that zesty Life of Luxury hit

  30. Dominic Johnson says:

    This man made a less lines video ! My life is now content! Great video ❤️.

  31. Vincent M says:

    Id love to get a bonus on dolla denom on fury

  32. Lisa Allthesame says:

    Love less lines…

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