32 thoughts on “RAWRR! 2 HANDPAY JACKPOTS on Tiger Oriental Slot!”
  1. 권낙현 says:

    cat ^.^

  2. Στελλα Καραφυλλιδου says:

    new here nice game lady luck happy new year from Greece

  3. Demarismabel B says:

    Lady Luck Goid luck today . We are at hard Rock Tampa are you playing tonight?

  4. Kevin Buck says:

    What a great run.

  5. Milone Money Mindset says:

    Nice session for sure!!

  6. 박정희 says:

    I am korean and I love your video . I can get a good enjoy from your Video .. Thanks

  7. Grassy The Warrior says:

    Love these games. Progressive is potential on high limit

  8. Lone Wolf says:

    This is probably my favorite… " I feel that should have been more" video. 😛 Whenever this happens to me I hear Fran in my head saying that. Big spins n wins.

  9. Blue Collar Slots says:

    Here Kitty Kitty lol. That was Smashing a slot I have not played yet. Congrats on the Handpays!!

  10. Mark krueger says:

    What is with your tongue

  11. Jody Luscko says:

    I wish you were here in a.c. new Jersey

  12. Jody Luscko says:

    Hi, I hope both of you both have a great new yrs. P.s. how do you keep your teeth so white? Also, you are a good couple.

  13. Cindy Rutledge says:

    How in the world can you afford to play for so many thousands of dollars? You must have a heck of a day job

  14. Francisco Garcia says:

    Hola sexy como te la pasaste está navidad y feliz año nuevo

  15. Roibeard McGregor says:

    You can tell shes had a few to drink lol

  16. anthony Jordan says:


  17. LouDog777 says:

    Please don't listen to her and hit the button EVERY TIME!!! There is nothing worse than watching it tally.

  18. Kurt Shea says:

    RAWRR? Lol, Happy New Year.

  19. AvalonVash says:

    A new T-Shirt idea for you guys!
    The front says
    "That should be something!"

    The back says
    "I feel like that should've been more"!

  20. Shhh Slots says:

    How fun! Do you know if the progressives change based on the bet or the denom? I really love when you show play on some less known games.
    So much love and luck from AZ

  21. Paul Cini says:

    At 8:30 you were one off 5 substitutes with the square. That would have been such a big win and also bigger link

  22. Barry Simpson says:

    why no mask /

  23. Coco BossLady says:

    I also want to get my videos on YouTube for Slots. Any pointers you can give me to get started?
    Thanks LLHQ.


    Why are y’all putting so much thumbs down

  25. Brandon says:

    How can you be allowed to film in casinos???

  26. Elijah Idoan says:

    Pretty friend.good to hear from you.Happy New Year 2021.go get them tigres.

  27. Lonely Moon says:


  28. Chayla Lenae says:

    I love watching you guys play new games ! Thanks !

  29. Vivian La First says:

    My all time favourite game! I have taken thousands out of this machine, my cash cow.

  30. United Ethiopia says:

    Nice game

  31. Andrew Henderson says:

    Awwww can't believe how bad of a tease that was. You could've hit the absolute grand progressive had those wilds lined up. They were all There That's so sick! I'm spewing for you's. If it were me I would've cashed out after that and left the screen as a reminder for all to see in disgust. Urgh so sick

  32. Maria Valenzuela says:

    You are the only one that can get away with making slot machine sounds! You sound
    very cute, others try but they fail!

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