23 thoughts on “Received Each BONUSES! For The Win! Eureka Reel Blast Slot Machine!”
  1. D Gambit says:

    Another game I love to play.

  2. Paul says:

    At least Sarah doesn't constantly swear at the machine the way another slots player does.

  3. htman99 says:

    Since my parents can't go to the casino due to covid, they have really enjoyed watching your slot videos. They are cheering for you to hit the bonus when they watch. All your videos very nice to watch.

  4. Rick Marlow says:

    Rock on!

  5. Keith Bewhay says:

    Take the money and run, nice win, great video thank you.

  6. terence murphy says:

    love to see a profit at the end of the video, as always good luck & God bless

  7. Iván Salazar says:

    Can't get enough of those beautiful eyes of yours, as always i send the best of lucks miss.

  8. Stephen Beale says:

    Love this game. I play it all the time….

  9. Fromafar says:

    🙂 you posted a eight minute video… it may be your shortest one ever. Still a great choice in a game with a Win 🙂 Best of luck Stay Safe 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Mariano Escalante says:

    Thank you I like it nice video

  11. Lovel John says:

    Keep the wining going my lady

  12. casey mccalley says:

    Good luck Sarah

  13. dundun lin says:

    hey gj

  14. Troy Wilson says:

    Hey beautiful!

  15. A J says:

    Your videos are a nice escape from the chaos. Thanks for posting

  16. Michael Kaczmarek says:

    When is your birthday? Sarah. Mine is December 11th. Just started watching your video and your blue eyes just melt me. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today. And Happy Birthday if I missed it.

  17. Michael Kaczmarek says:

    Hi Sara

  18. Steven Powell says:

    Well done Sarah, hope you have a wonderful Birthday when it comes in a few days ( 10 days before mine lol ), you seem a little tired hope you can relax and get some well earned rest xx

  19. daver8521 says:

    Nice going, Sarah! Love to watch you win!

  20. Frank Nic says:

    Yes lady of slot. Take em and run…… to the next machine

  21. Shaun Diz says:

    the last time i was in vegas i got free spins, then the dynamite in the free spins. won like 1k off my 5 dollar bet. then proceeded to quickly lose it in the matter of 30 minute cuz i got greedy and started upping my bet lol. didn't end well

  22. Robert Fisher says:

    Profit shown onscreen is wrong.. congrats on winning! I wish your profits were that high.

  23. Joe Newman says:

    Wonder 4 pompi I'm sorry I bug you to play this game but I had a dream you won big on it ya thats right your in my dreams wow that sounds creepy lol na I'm just a normal guy happy holidays sunshine and thank you for all you do to keep us satisfied every night that alone has to keep you busy so stay safe and healthy because we need our slot lady video's

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