29 thoughts on “Reside Roulette and Craps at Palace On line casino Resort. 2 SESSIONS IN 1.”
  1. ChicoTwins says:

    We will be in Las Vegas April 7th – 12th Meet us there. Watch in 4K. PROFIT IS PROFIT MERCH NOW AVAILABLE https://chicotwinsllc.com/

  2. 들어와 헐- says:


  3. Donjarale Williams says:

    First spin 3 killt'em….

  4. WS ' says:

    big numbers!!!!

  5. Sikwitit TV says:

    More crap sessions!!

  6. Kxng Nu says:

    What an awesome session! Just peeped it in Michael´s Story

  7. kaoticjon1 says:

    More craps videos. I will also be in Vegas same weekend. But I play on the strip

  8. yik3s1 says:

    damn im headed out to vegas the 22 of april woulda been nice to play some roulette for a couple rounds

  9. Gail Rogers says:

    Where will u be weekend of April 25th

  10. Adam says:

    Post more craps video!

  11. Jeremy Potts says:

    You should of walked. But us gamblers tend not to walk. lol

  12. Valencia Spencer says:


  13. Tyler Wright says:

    "30,000 views for part 2" bruhhhh i came for the craps cause you havent played craps in forever

  14. Randi Parker says:

    More craps

  15. John Bastiani says:

    Hi guys. I enjoy your roulette play but I've never played dice in my life. The only other piece of advice I offer is if your betting 150 a spin on the table win or loose never increase your bet. I think it can end in tears. Thank you guys good luck.

  16. Eyeris M says:

    Yes bro, vlog style!!!!!!

  17. Ali Fouladi says:

    Chico just came back from Mandalay Bay after 3 days of getting killed. I did hit 3 one time straight up $15 on it and I started screaming Hellcat! Hellcat! My girl was laughing so hard and the rest of the table though I was crazy much love to you and the camera lady! As always your boy Ace from Vegas. Where you staying in Vegas next time?

  18. Chuck Bankston says:

    Nah Chico it’s that casino w their stupid buy in. You should have stopped at Treasure Bay. No buy in (I know it really doesn’t matter but). I’m not a fan of Palace. I prefer IP and Treasure Bay and been hitting Boom Town a lot

  19. Goodness Egozi says:


  20. Alexander Gomez says:

    To short I need mooooooorrrrrrreeeeeww

  21. Joe Garcia says:

    Sheeeesh that 3 hit was dopeee

  22. Txuj Ci 69 says:

    Still waiting on the April pass bro bro …you said you’ll fly me out there !! Lol

  23. Jauffey A says:

    Those table limits why I stay the hell out of The palace.


    let go

  25. Hardway Joe says:

    post more craps videos

  26. Hey. Nessa says:

    Please come to texas

  27. Louis Tirado says:

    I will be in Vegas too around that time. I want to play with u in roulette

  28. TeamHyperTobac YT says:

    This game is amzing but make more video and i like and share with all my friends and hit the like button and subscribe for support

  29. MaskedMageYT says:

    keep the grind up jefe

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