22 thoughts on “Right here's How I Made BIG MONEY With Free Play ! Slot Machine Max Wager BONUSES & BIG WIN$”
  1. rochelle radar says:

    Good Luck NG

  2. Art Pili says:

    Seems like you are doing well on these new games. That Egypt game has nice potential. Keep it going with the winning sessions! Thanks for sharing Narek.

  3. Susan Cleesy says:

    Isn't it this guy who said "don't trust people who posted wining in slot machine"? But he made money out of free play?

  4. Ryan Balls says:

    Ng bringing the bank

  5. Cheryl McDow says:

    Hi NG, next time try Mayhan Riches you will win big!!!!!

  6. Jeff Godzuke says:

    Its the power of the jackpot baby

  7. Rose Goals and Coins says:

    Nice share NG✅

  8. CARH says:

    The Best play

  9. Eileen M. says:


  10. Eileen M. says:

    This one reminds me of white orchid except white work it doesn't have a $12 spin

  11. Audelio Espinoza says:

    About time you leave winner
    I like that, congratulations

  12. Connie Keenan says:

    WOOT! Good gambling NG! Where in Cosmo are those machines? I'm going to be there the end of this month and it looks fun!

  13. Jeffery Hainley says:

    I'm thinking maybe a good strong drink might break the ice for you.Good Luck.Angie.

  14. Ian Rambo says:

    Hey NG, nice lucky spins on the free plays, I did the same on wonder woman @Harrahs AC over this Easter weeken, she treat me like a superman lol

  15. Lenora Wadsworth says:

    Great profit!

  16. AMAYA Explorer says:

    NG always make huge win and you tube win im a big fan my friend. I have my slot channel and i got 5trigger bonus on Dragon Riches.

  17. Shar Troost says:

    Your so darn lucky; you amaze me how well you play and the luck you have

  18. Shar Troost says:

    Good luck this evening

  19. Lorraine Ferraro says:

    Hi that was a fun video
    Thank you

  20. Maya Bell says:

    Yep, NG did it again. Started with $20 and ended up with more than $1600. Good job.

  21. Slot500Club says:

    Great video NG! I've never seen this one.

  22. Владимир Идашин says:

    Привет! Я смотрю твои видео.И радуюсь твоим выигрышам или проигрышам!и буду писать коменты на русском языке..

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